9 Important Facebook Chatting Tips and Tricks for new users

Facebook Chatting Tips and Tricks are essential subjects, for now, a day for new Facebook users. Because of there are billions of people in the world they use Facebook as their first social network. But most of them don’t know how to chat with other contest. In this article, I will try to show how to send any contents to your Facebook contests. In fact, the Facebook messenger is not only cross platform app but also an update web version that uses as a browser. Through this messenger, you can not only chat with your friends but also send video or voice calls, stickers, funky images and more.

9 Important Facebook Chatting Tips and Tricks for new users

Now lets me describe the 9 Facebook chatting tips and tricks bellow-

1. Quiet Chat or Video call Option
If you don’t enjoy to chat or any video call, you can easily mute these option. But don’t worry! It is not a permanent quiet option when you want to return to chatting, and you can do it. Especially, when you work on Facebook then your buddies send message frequently through massage, it is very disturbing for you. In this time, you need to quiet your Facebook Chat option.

2. Download Videos and Photos to Connecting Internet
Facebook Chatting Tips and Tricks are important for them who don’t know how to download photos and videos from Facebook. Just double click on the photos or videos and find out the download or save option by clicking right button of your mouse.

3. Use Camera for video chatting
To video chat at firs run your video camera from your device. And then call to your buddies, if your friends receive call your camera open automatic. If you don’t get proper service, you need to set from your messenger setting. android apk download

4. Send Cute Animal Images or GIF File
This is an essential Facebook Chatting Tips and Tricks for new users. They don’t know how to send cute animal photos like dogs, cats etc. you can also send GIF file from the Facebook messenger.

5. Change Chatting color
You can easily change your present conversation color. To get it at first got the setting option and select color mode as you like. Then apply what color you use on your Facebook messenger.

6. Use your Phone Number on Facebook Messenger
Most of the new Facebook users don’t know this Facebook Chatting Tips and Tricks that how to use the phone number on messenger. Just you need to login on Facebook messenger with your phone number that you can use on Facebook.

7. Support Multiple Account on Facebook Messenger
You can easily set multiple Facebook account for chatting with your various friends together. To do it, just write their name on Facebook messenger search box and add them on by on for chatting.

8. Receive and Send money with Facebook Messenger
Facebook Chatting Tips and Tricks are the most important for this option. You can easily send money and receive money on Facebook messenger.

9. Use Facebook Messenger to Chat with your Customers
Yea, you can communicate with your customers through Facebook Messenger. You also provide your customer serves and selling products to your client.

At the last sentences, I can say that Facebook Chatting Tips and Tricks are very important for all Facebook users’ not only new users. So learn how to chat with your buddies and use it properly to getting all benefit.

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