Awesome Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes sms Messages poems

Awesome Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes sms Messages poems by wish sending Awesome Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes sms Messages poems. This is special Moment for your life, you have enjoyed those days with your life partner or better half. so always we try to make your days more romantic and enjoyable by wishes. we providing you all the Best Happy Wedding Anniversary wishes SMS Messages Greetings Cards and much more about Wedding Anniversary quotes, marriage wishes, lovely partner quotes, romantic Anniversary wishes Messages, Anniversary wishes lines.Read our Wishes quotes and share it now.

Awesome Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes sms

Nothing seems true and greater than your relation, In which every year love goes through an elevation!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Your’s is a great marriage I have known, In which, all the bitterness, away you have thrown!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Home we stay in, is born out of your love, Where the squirrels play and on olive branches there are doves!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



When I marry, I would want a relation as beautiful as your’s, Where by love and friendship everything is cured!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Words are less to describe your bond, And how of each other you are fond!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



As you both are going to start a new journey, hold your hand tight with trust. Happy Wedding.



Marriage life is like a 3 legged race, where you have to co-ordinate your left and your partner’s right to walk smoothly. Have a very happy wedding Life.



Build your tree of dreams together, nourish it with happiness forever. We wish you a successful wedding life.



Hope you give her all your unconditional love, and she gives you all the loyalty you deserve. God shower you all grace from above, this we wish for you as your wedding serve.



Today you are I, tomorrow you will be WE. On your wedding day we wish you a happy family.


Wishes are thought, messages are written, gifts are bought, on your wedding day these all are certain. Have a rocking married life.


So close the 2 “D” looks in the word wedding, we wish so close you both be all your married life.


Wedding is a sweet knot that ties 2 souls. We wish this sweetness never fades from both of your life.


Be true and don’t camouflage, after your marriage. Keep your anger at zero percentage, after your marriage. We wish happiness will be at your front page, after your marriage.


Your marriage is coming soon, have a lovely honeymoon. We wish for you two a lovely wedding noon.


Happy wedding Anniversary Wishes sms

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Hope this hangover of love never fades away. On you wedding day, through my SMS I would like to say.


Collect each other’s love, share each other’s sorrow. After Marriage whenever you see a dove, just love each other so much as if there is no tomorrow. Have a lovely life.


The font of this SMS is too small to show the amount of happiness we felt knowing that you two are getting married.


Angels carry the Message Sealed, Gods carry the wishes full filled. All will reach quickly at your marriage in the same way as you got this message.


You both will be married and will be husband and wife. We wish you both be together all your life.


May she see in you the happiness she want, May she see in you the courage she want, after leaving all she will be coming to you, god keep you both safeguard from all issue.


Thought of marriage always haunted me, But after knowing you, bring happy couldn’t be more easy! Happy wedding anniversary!!!


Your marriage emits a positive radiance, And for everyone who fears marriage, you can set a good guidance!! Happy wedding anniversary!!


Another year has now gone, After your marriage was born, You have raised it so gracefully till now, To your love and companionship, I would like to bow! Happy wedding anniversary!!!


Love me as you have always done, And that’s the reason for every challenge we have won!! Thanks for being in my life!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!


May all sorrows, in your life, drain, And may happiness be a never ending chain!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!


People usually bitch about their spouse, And that’s the reason, they have not a home but a house. Well, in case of you two, I have seen, A love and respect that’s untouched and serene. So here I raise a toast for your relation that’s sterling, Which has built a home so stunning!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!


True and pure is your love for me, To the greatness of your heart, I agree. In our marriage, there just one thing which bothers, Are you really happy with me? Happy wedding anniversary!!


Best wishes for a relation so divine, Your hearts a none less than a shrine!! Happy wedding anniversary!!


A very happy wedding anniversary to you two, May you find happiness even in the blues!! Happy wedding anniversary!!


Your love is stronger than philtre, Thus of my heart you an acquirer! Without your love it hadn’t been so easy, And every moment of our marriage wouldn’t have been breezy. Happy wedding anniversary!!


As soon as you stepped in my life, My sorrows withdrew, And the day you became my wife, Away, my bad luck flew! Happy wedding anniversary!!!


Time and tide waits for no man, But for him, waits one woman, That woman, loves him beyond her life, For me, that woman is none other than my wife!!! Thanks for being in my life!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



The tender heart, That cures me when I’m torn apart, The tough shoulder, That bears my burden along with his own smolder, The strong hand, That push away my troubles grand, That best man, Is no one but my ‘Complete Man’! Happy wedding anniversary!!



May there be showers of blessings, And hope, happiness to you may cling!! Happy wedding anniversary!!



People in our lives arrive and depart, But there is one who always stays close to us and in our heart. For me that ‘One’ is you, Who made me happy, even when I withdrew!! Thanks! Happy wedding anniversary!!



True is your heart, Pure is your soul, I wouldn’t want to go apart, Even if there is no cajole!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!



Lovely Marriage Anniversary Wishes sms Messages

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Love me as you always do, For my life, I owe my heart to you!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Bond of love and a knot of care, To maintain this forever, I swear!! Happy Wedding anniversary!!!



A new year to your married life begins, Hope you live the way you have been! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Loyal and honest, Is your marriage nest, Make it more beautiful, With all your zest!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



The door to her life opens to you soon, the door to your life opens to her soon. We wish no gatekeeper comes on these doors ever. A warm congratulations on your wedding.



Keep your partner happy always, then god will shower all his holy rays. This is our advice to you on your wedding day, happiness ahead of you always lay.



Let the invisible force guide you two on right directions, the same help you to take right decision, we wish you two never go apart, after your wedding life start.



Now all responsibilities you have to manage, as here comes your marriage, We wish you get all happiness in package, as here comes your marriage.



Seen your union right from the birth, You are the best couple that walk this Earth!! Happy wedding anniversary!!



Cooperation is what I have learnt from you, Not just that, also learnt about the love that’s true! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



You know how to keep alive the spark, which would drive away the situations that are dark!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Being a kid of a perfect couple is a blessing, By best couple, to you two I’m addressing!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Your love was what that gave me life, A very happy wedding anniversary to you and your wife!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



A day when we celebrate love that’s intense, Is today, when true love will spread it’s cense!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



You are never two but one for me, Because, you two, as one unit I see!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Not just great parents but inspiring couple you are, Who, with their love have come so far!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Bonded by great love are you two, And a couple like you are very few!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Love and humility, in you both I have seen, In all the years in which with you I have been!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Great care you have taken of each other, Even in the times when by the world you both were bothered!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



Great respect for your marriage is what I give, And I’m so lucky that as your kid I live!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



You two, for each other are great companion, And today I wish eternity for your union!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



So many years and you never get bored, Every day your love, high has soared!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!


There isn’t a perfect gift for a couple like you, There are just loads of wishes that I can give you!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!



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