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Santa: Oye, Car ki speed itani kyo badha di..?
Banta: Car ki break fail ho gayi hai, accident ho jaye iske pahale ghar pahunch jaate hai.



A street dog was chasing Santa and he was laughing.
Banta: why are u laughing?
Santa: I have an Airtel phone, but still Hutch network is following me.



Santa was busy in removing a wheel from auto
Banta: Why are you removing a wheel from your auto?
Santa: Can’t u read ‘Parking for two wheelers only’



Santa: Why dogs don’t marry?
Banta: Because they are already leading a dog’s life!



Santa: “Akal badhi ya bhains? ”
Banta : “Pehle date of birth to batao.”



Santa is the true music lover.
A girl is singing in a bathroom while taking a bath and Santa is near the keyhole listening to her.



Santa opened a petrol pump, but not even one customer went there. You know why?
Because he opened petrol pump on second floor.



Santa’s son is on a slide in playground
Santa -Beta do you need a hand with that?
Yes, Papa
Santa starts clapping.
After watching his son slip on the slide, Santa says, “Happy journey Beta!!



Banta : How will you kill a Lion?
Santa thinks and thinks hard & comes to a conclusion:
I’ll drink poison n let the lion eat me.



Santa’s wife: Stop looking at other women you are married now.
Santa: Arre you mean if I am on diet I cant look at the menu also?



Santa : Why is a cemetery so popular?
Banta : Everyone is DYING to get in.




Santa: oye waiter ek mast chai pilao jo pura badan hila de.
Waiter: hamare yahan gaai ka doodh aata hai , Rakhi Sawant ka nahin.

Teacher: “I killed a person” convert this sentence into future tense.
Santa: The future tense is “You will go to jail”.


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Preeto: Raat ko aap peeke gutter mein gir gaye the.
Banta: Kya bataoon, sub galat sangati ka asar hai, hum 4 dost… 1 bottle, aur woh teeno kambhakt peeten nahin.



Santa went to battery shop n asked to change battery.
The shopkeeper asked: Exide laga du?
Santa: Dusri side tera baap lagayega kya?



Q: Why was Santa writing the exam near the door?
A: Because it was an entrance exam.



Santa bought a car on loan… He didn’t pay the dues, the bank took away his car.
Santa: If I knew this, I’d have taken a loan for my marriage also!



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