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Sacrifice is greater than Love,
Character is greater than beauty,
Humanity is greater than Wealth,
Nothing is greater than”FRIENDSHIP”



Work hard in silence let your
lamborghini make the noise.



A nice person will always be in memory,
A better person will always be in dream,
But a sincere person will always be in heart!



True Happiness is When you Feel Good
About Yourself Without the Need For
Anyone Else’s Approval.



We are here to heal, not harm.
We are here to leave, not hate.
We are here to create, not destroy.


Best cool sms for girl friend


Everyone in our life is going to
hurt you sooner or later. You just
have to realize who worth more?
The pain or the person??



Every successful person has a painful story.
Every painful story has a successful ending.
Accept the pain and get ready success.



You come to love not by finding the perfect person,
But by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.



Don’t mix bad word with your bad mood.
You’ll have many opportunities to change your mood,
But you’ll never get the opportunity to replace
the words you spoke.



Have a relationship so good
that everyone is jealous of it.



I get jealous
I get mad
I get worried
I get curious.
That’s only because
I care.



A Great Career Without A Great Education is only a Dream.
We are Nothing But Just Helping You To Realize Your Dream.



Best cool sms for boy  friend


Every girl has her own Cinderella Story
and A prince Charming, She always dreams of
and keeps waiting for.



In the end, just three things matter:
1. How well we have lived
2. How well we have loved
3. How well we have learned to let go!



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Before you Judge me
Make sure that you are perfect.



Spread love everywhere you go.
Let no one ever come to you without
leaving happier.



Chalo Achha Howa ye Dhund Parnay Lagi….!!
Warna Door Tak Tahti Thi unki Raah Aankhain…!!
Happy Fog Day.



Phir Palat Rahi Hain SarDion
Ki sohani Raatain……
Phir Uski Yaad Mein Jalny
K Zamanay Aye….



Raste mein agar Mandir dekho or Pray na karo to Chalega

Par Raste me Ambulance mile tab Pray Jarur karna!

Kya pata Shayad koi zindagi Aapki Duaon se Bach jaye



Khamosh bethay hain to log kehtay
hain udaasi acchi nahin
Zara sa hans lein to log muskurane
ki wajah pooch lety hain…..!!!


cool sms for girl friend


My strength did not come
from lifting weights.

My strength came from
lifting myself when I was knocked down.



Best Advice
“Ignore Advices ”
Life is too short to be
distracted by the opinions of others…
live it the way you want..!



Once a soldier asked Tipu Sultan:
“Is it everything is fair in Love & War..?”
in an epic sentence Tipu Sultan replied:
It’s an excuse of english people
Our tradition is that,
“Whatever is to be done in love & war,
“should be fair..”



Always Be Like A Baby

Because The Baby Does not know
About its Past As Well its Future

But He Enjoys Every Second of His Life…..!!!


cool sms for friend


If you succeed in cheating someone,
Don’t think that the person is a fool…
Realize that the person trusted you
much more than you deserved …!!



Making a million friends is not an achievement,
The achievement is to make
“A” friend who will stand by you
when a million are against you….!



The hardest part of
missing friends
is not their absence,
it’s when you think
of all those good times
and ask yourself,
‘will those moments ever
happen again?’



“Miss me” or “Hate me”,
Both are in my favour.

If you miss me,I ‘m always in your heart.
If you hate me,I’ll always be in your mind.



An Excellent RoAd sentence
Written on National Highway:

Go Slow,
Unless U Have An Urgent Appointment With God!


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