Best friend sms text messages lovey happy friendship greetings

Best friend sms text messages lovey happy friendship greetings. Here is the best collection of English Best friend sms text messages lovey happy friendship greetings.we providing you largest collection of friendship sms Messages and happy friendship greetings for your best friends.Just read our super friendship sms and share with your friend at facebook and whatsapp to connect with your friends.share your feeling by these sms.Here is lovely friendship sms, sweet friendship sms, romantic friendship sms, lovely friendship sms, hot friendship sms and much more related with friendship sms.Happy friendship day sms for best friend.

Best Happy friendship sms and greetings




Love is like a chewing gum,
it tastes only in the beginning!
But friendship is like chocolate,
it tastes till it ends!




If someone asks me what is friendship ?
“I would sit next 2 you,
Pull U all close 2 me,
Put my arms around U & say proudly,
This is friendship”



A friend is like blood,
they are not beside us
But they come out when
we are wounded.



Can miles really separate us from friends?
If we want to be with someone we love,
arent we already there. . . ?



An Excellent Thought By
A Misunderstood Friend-
“I Know U Hate Me,
But D Day Wen U Will
Know D Truth,
U Will Hate yourself”



Cos a Best friend carrys D load of difficulties & pain in ur friendship.
U do same and U R my sweet friend so U R my cute donkey….



Alone I can only say but together we can shout, alone I can only smile but together we can laugh, alone I can only live but together we can celebrate. Thats being friends.


Luv is Docomo do D New.
Mariage is idea can change Ur life
Wife is Hutch wer ever U go she follows
But Frienship is Airtel Do what U love



I’ve made so many mistakes in my life, but something I did right was to have
U as a friend and I definitely wont make another mistake of losing someone
like U.



A great frend is an extension of ourself
without whom we are not complete
So better take care of urself
because I dont want to loose a part of me!



Crazy Days & Screwed Up Nights
Tons Of Crushes & Stupid Fights
Secrets We will Take To The Grave
Picture We will Forever Save
Through Thicks & Thins, Always True
Friends Forever
Me & You


Friendship forever wishes sms and Messages


Is just Like
A Perennial River
Which Flows
It May Change Its Path
But It Will Never Dry Up
Be proud to be my friend


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I am Not Shakespear 2 Write About U.
I am Not Sonu 2 Sing About U
I am Not MF Hussain 2 Paint U.
I am Just ur Frnd 2 Say,
I am Always With U.



Flowers Of Friendshipz Neva Give Up
Its A Promize Made forevar.
it Bringz Hapiness to Heart And Mind
& Makes Every Dream Come Alive



Y U R U So Sweet
Y U R So Intellignet
Y U R So Innocent
Y U R So Lucky
Ab Humse Dosti Ki Hai
Itna Faida To Hoga Na



In A Multiple Choice World
A F r i e n d
Is Not “A” “B” or “C”
“D”.. All Of The Above



God Never Wanted Us 2 Face D Tough Times Alone!
DaTs Y God Made Us
( ‘ ; ‘ ) ( ‘ ; ‘ )
Frends !



If u have any problem!
Mujhe batao
I will help…!
If u dont have any problem!
Phir bhi mujhe batao…
I will create…
Dost hote kis liye hain??……



If somebody leaves u with lots of tears.. then just save them safely. later wen a person who cums 2 u with happiness, then just compare the saved tears and present happiness. If happiness overcomes your tears …. Then i am sure you have found your BEST FRIEND.


Best Happy friendship wishes sms Messages


One should try to make new friends everyday, without the company of friends life is barren, and has no meaning. One should learn the art of making friends, because at the end of the life we remember our friends.



Lips don’t join wen we say “LOVE”
thats “sign of distance..
But wen we say “FREINDSHIP” lips joins 2 times.
thats “Sign f closeness” check it!




dil darkan k bina
jesam rooh k bina
insan muhbat k bina
husan tareef k bina
phool khosbo k bina
ur men tum sy bat kiy bina


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Every tear is a sign of brokenness,
Every silence is sign of lonliness,
Every smile is sign of kindness,
Every sms is sign of remembrance



Beleive not only in urself, but beleive in ur friends as well 4 it is in D eye’s of ur friends that U discover yourself.


Friendship is the best relation in Life sms and greetings


“LIFE” Becomes
“LIE” IF “F”Is Missed
“F” Denotes For Friend
So Life Is LIE Without Friend
I’m Happy To Say That My Life
Is Not LIE Because I Have U



I Miss Ur Face
I Miss Ur Voice
I Miss Ur Smile
I Miss Ur SMS
I Do’nt Miss Ur
Always Ur My Sweet Friend
Till My Life



We Smile At Whom We Like
We Cry For Whom We Care
We Share With Whom We Love
We Laugh With Whom We Enjoy
We Bcom Angry With Whom We Feel Is Our Own
Thats Friendship



Sweet Fruits r Nice 2 Eat
Sweet Words Easy 2 Say
But Sweet Friend Hard 2 Find
And It’s My Goodness
How Did I Find U



Flower means Honey
Honey means Sweet
Sweet means Desire
Desire means Love
Love means Friend
Friend means You



Friendship Is D
Inexpressible Comfort Of Feeling
Safe Wid A Person
Bcoz U Neither Have 2 Weigh
Ur Thoughts Nor Measure Ur Words



D Willingness To Listen
D Patience 2 Understand
D Strength 2 Support
D Heart 2 Careand Just To B There..
That’s D Beauty Of FRIENDSHIP



True Friends Stand Behind U During Ur Bad Times
U Want A Documentary Proof?
In Future Check Out Ur Marriage Album
U’ll Find All Frnds Behind U



What Would You Do
If You Lose Me Some Day
So Cute………
I Know You Will Search For Me



So Many Hands In One Chips Pack..
So Many People On One Bench
So Much Laughter On One Stupid Joke
So Many Calls On Birthday Nights
So Many Hugs For One Little Worry
So Much Love For Just One Little Fight
This Iz What
We Call



EVERY Relation Is Beautiful
But Real Love Is Most Beautiful,
Evry Light Is Gud
But Sunlight Is Best,
Evry Frend Is
Sweet But U R
So Sweeet!


A Beautiful Saying!
Achy Dost Banao
Q K Insan Ki Pehchan
Us Se Nahin
Us K Doston Se Hoti Hai.
Isi Liye Tm Ne Mjhe Dost Bnaya Na.
So value me always



Forgeting Friends Is A Crime,
Ignoring Them Is A Shame,
Liking Them Is A Pleasure,
Thinking Of Them Is Necessity and
Disturbing Them Is A “Basic Right”


Great friendship sms wishes Messages for Better Relation


Dont Try To Have Friends
Who Achieve Great Heights.
Have A Friend Who Can Hold You
When You Fall From A Great Height.
“Loyal Friend Is Better Than A Royal Friend”



5 Reasons
Y “U” & “ME” R Friends?
1.2 3. 4. 5.
Never Search 4 Reasons..
Cuz Good Friendship Has No Reasons.



Friend is One
Who Tolerates Ur Worst MOOD,
Manages 2 Smile On Ur Idiotic JOKE,
Tries 2 Understnd Ur Craziest DREAM,
& Knws D
Biggest Reason
Behind Ur Smallest Tear!



Starts With “Hi”
Changes To “Whats Up”
Grows To “Oye Pagal”
Tends To “Tu Apna Dimagh Mat Chala”
Falls To “Thappar Khana Hai?”
Finally “Tu Sambhal Lena Yaar”
Thats ‘Fr3ndsh¡P’


Bf : Best Friend
Cf : Close Friend
Df : Dear Friend
Gf : Good Friend
Lf : Lovely Friend
Nf : Naughty Friend
Sf : Sweet Friend.
which name i can deserve ?


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Nice Lines For True Friends
I Can’t Promise To Solve
Your All Problems
But I Can Promise
That You Would Not Have
To Face Them Alone



A Philosopher Said:
Choose Your ‘Friend’ Very Carefully,
Because They Will Become
Your “Introduction.”



A 5 Star Msg for A Dairy Milk Person from an Eclairs Friend for A Melody Reason at A Kitkat Time on A Munch Day in A Perk Mood to Say, U R My Best Friend Ever.



If u fight with ur frnd just put aside ur ego.
Just hug each other n say “I NEED U IDIOT AT LEAST TO FIGHT WITH U…”



Everybody Wants
Some1 Special.
Some1 Innocent.
Some1 Nice.
Some1 C0oL.
Some1 Sweet.
Some1 Cute.
Some1 Intelligent.
But Yaar!
Why Always ME, ME & ME?



If u open my heart,
guess what you are gonna see?
It’s you.
True friends are hard to find so I kept you.



True friendship comes wen silence between 2 ppl becomes a language & both of them understand that..
Even being apart, they R alwayz close at heart..!!



Injury+Friend = Medicine
lonely+Friend = Company
Death+Friend = Life
Tears+Friend = Smile
A way+Friend = Goal
In Short Nothing+friend = EVERYTHING



a good hurt & good nature r diff isssue a gud hurt cn win many relationship
bt a gud nature cn win many gud hurts…..



A frndship doesn’t
Shine by just
Shaking Hands
in the Best of times
It blossoms by
Holding Hands
Firmly in
Critical Times…….



Dictionary is the only place where DEATH comes before LIFE,
but the best part is FRIEND comes before LOVER..



I love my eyes when U look into them,I love my name when U say it,I love my heart when U love it,I love my life when U are in it.


Beautiful friendship sms and Messages quotes


Life me kabhi hamari dosti ke baare me koi doubt ho to sikka ucchaalna Ager HEAD aaye to really true frnds aur ager TAIL aae to sikka palat dena yaar



“Love Is One
Beautiful Forest
Brave Tigers Are
Killed By



Ek Jannat Ki Pari Ho Tum,khusbu Se Bhra Hwa Ka Jhonka Ho Tum,meri Har Sans Har Dadhkan Ho Tum, Meri Jan Sirf Aur Sirf Meri Ho Tum.i Love U Juhi



Luvz Worship Of God,
So Love Once In Life.
Luv Is Faith,
So Be Faithful To It.
Luv Is Truth,
So Dare To Face It.



why ?
Tum use dekhkr Hasoge,
wo B Hasega,
Roege to wo B Roega
tum use maroge,
to wo nhi marega,
wo tut jaega.




why We Need Close Friends When We Have So Many Friends?
A Great Writer Said:
“There Are So Many Gases In The Air. But,we Need Only Oxygen…!



What is the Diffrence between frndz and Blood,
Blood Comes to the Heart and
goes outside,
But frndz come into our Heart and
Stay there forever..


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