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WhEn FrIeNdS FaLl In LoVe It MeAn ThAt ThEy ArE mEaNT FoR eAcH oTHEr .. .

BuT wHen FrIeNdS FaLL oUt Of LoVe ItS MeAN That THey Want To KeEP . . . . . .
EaCh Other forEVEr. . ..



Fake friends are easy to find and easy to lose but real friends are the hardest to find & hardest to lose.



If two hearts are meant to be friends
No matter how long it takes;
How far they go
How tough it seems
Fate will bring them together
To share Friendship Forever.



I respect my friends more than
I care for my friends better than
but its my bad habit that i hurt
them more than others
Because I love them more than



kaminey friendsss 😀
1st friend:chup raho dekho ghar
phone hai
2nd friend: arre jara beer ke
bottle to
sarka idhar
3rd friend: tune jo cigrate di wo
khatam ho gayi dusri de
4th friend:(in female voice)
januuu yaha aao na plz aaaaooo



I have no words to explain my friendship
Because I have got amazing person
who can understand even my silence ..



FRIENDSHIP is just like H2O
No color
No shape
No place
No size
No money
No rich
No poor
But still essential for living & for forever.



Flower remembers bees
Fish remembers water
Tree remembers the rain
At this moment I remember you!
To say happy friendship day to U!



Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know. My riches do not lie in material wealth but in having friend like you – a precious gift from God.
Happy Frienship Day.



When I was born GOD said Oh No! Another IDIOT.
When you were born GOD said OH No! COMPETITION. Who knew one day these two will become FREINDS FOREVER!
Happy Friendhip Day.


When does a friend become a best friend?
When his dialogue I care for you converts into I will kill you if you dont care for me
Happy Friendship day!!



A deep friend is like rainbow when the perfect amount of happiness and tears r mixed the result is a colourful bridge between 2 hearts.
Happy Friendship Day



Some friends forget
Some move away
Some keep silent
Some just change
But I am not one of dem
I remember my friends just for two moments!

Now & Forever.
Happy Friendship Day



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