Best lovely Relationship Wishes SMS whatsapp status, quotes

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Best lovely Relationship Wishes SMS whatsapp status, quotes


I Want A Relationship Where We
Talk Like Best Friends,
Play Like Kids,
Argue Like Husband And Wife,
And Protect Each Other Like Siblings


Never Ask 4 A Kiss, Just Take It.
Never Give A Hug, Ask 4 It.
Never Ask Do U Love Me, First Say I Love U.
Never Say I Cant Live Without U, Say I Live For U.



What Is Love?
Love Is When Someone Breaks Your Heart
And The Most Amazing Thing Is That
U Still Love The Person With Each Broken Piece.


“Meaning Of True Love”
To Feel Someone In Every Heartbeat…
To Find Someone In Every Thought….
To See Someone With Closed Eyes….
To Miss Someone Without Any Reason..


“A Beautiful Message For My Beloved One”
If Someone Would Ask Me What A
Beautiful Life Means, I Would Lean
My Head On Your Shoulder, Hold
You Close To Me And Answer With
A Smile, “Like This.”


If I say“I love you”million times still it won’t be enough. Because i just love you so much.
No one can say how much and can’t stop loving you!
In my heart you will always be forever, forever here or there, near or far, my love will be wherever you are.



I Check My Pocket I Found Nothing..!
I Check My Wallet I Found Few Coins..!
I Check My Heart I Found You..!
“Then I Realised How Rich I am”


When I touched
your hand
for the first time…
I wanted
nothing more than
to hold it forever…!!!!


LOVE Starts from eyes Grows with gifts End with tears
but 2day LOVE starts from mobiles Grows with balance share
Ends with number busy.


One stone is enough 2 break a glass,
1 sentence enough 2 break a hear,
1 second enough 2 fall in love,
and 1 sms enough 2 keep relations.


It Feels Good To Stand On Ground And Watch Up High At Your Aim
But It Feels Best When You Stand Up High And Other Watch U As Their Aim……….


I love so much my heart is sure.
As time goes on I love you more,
Your happy smile,your loving face,
No one will ever take your place


Hello youu receive my simple gift of good night wraped with love and tiered with 1000 mosquito bites and song lyrics


lovely Relationship Wishes SMS whatsapp status for her


Promise To You My Dear We
Will Walk Together Till
The Life Ended, Our True
Love Has No Limit Like
This Sky, Promise To You.



I Lost My Heart From The
Day U Come Into My Life,
U Hold Me Tight In My
Thoughts All The Day &
Night, I Wish That All
My Life.. I Live With U.


Some battles have to be fought alone,
Some paths have to be crossed alone,
So never be emotionaly attached with someone,
You never know when u havE to walk alone…


Making a million friends is not an art,
but the real art is to make a friend who will stand with u
when millions are against u.



Zndgi Ki Company Chalane Ke Liye 3 Factory Jarur Lagaao
1. Brain Me Ice Factory
2. Zubaan Me Sugar Factory
3. Heart Me Love Factory
Fir Life Hogi Satisfactory……



If a kiss was a raindrop I’d send you showers,
If a hug was a second I’d send you hours,
If happiness was sand I’d send you the sea,
If love was a person I’d send you me.



When you feel cold and warm at the same time,
when you read over the same line for the tenth time,
when your heart and thoughts somehow appear to rhyme,
and when a simple name conquers your whole mind,
then you are in deep trouble my friend..
You are “LOVE”, We call it the hard time !!


Not Every Bird Dances, But Peacock Does..
Not Evey Flower Represents Love, But Rose Does..
Not Evey Person Reaches Till the Heart, But U Do..
thats why I LOVE YOU..


A true thing-
“Anyone can make u happy
by doing something special..
but only someone special can make u happy without doing anything..”


Rose Is Famous For Grace.
Advocate Is Famous For His Case.
Horses r Famous For Race.
But u Are Famous For Smile On Your Face.
So keep smiling


“Attraction is the temporary love”.
but “love is d permanent attraction”.
Just a game of words but makes lot of difference in life.



A true thing-
“Anyone can make u happy
by doing something special..
but only someone special can make u happy without doing anything..” 🙂


Cute Relationship Wishes SMS whatsapp status for lover


Yes I m Selfish… ♥ ♥ ♥
Thats Why I care for U… ♥
Thats Why I scare to lose U,
Thats Why I miss U Every moment… ♥
Thats Why I Cry for U in your absence,
Thats Why I pray to God for your Happiness… ♥
Thats Why I always Wish Thatone day U wud be mine… ♥
Yes I m Selfish, because ♥ I Love U♥



Things will change from Class room 2 office,
Books 2 files, Jeans 2 formals,
Pepsi 2 juices, Girl friends 2 wife,
what will never change is, yaaron ki yaar!


Sweet things are easy to buy…
Sweet words are easy to say…
Sweet people like U are Difficult to find


If i were to describe true love than i would describe it as what a snowman did to a snow woman, he gaveher a warm hug and they both melted in each others arms



Dont upset with little problems beacause life is like a road where problems r like speed breaker.,They save u from all big accidents.


“Tears of EYES Are Valuable”
“Speech of LIPS Are Powerful”
“Heart With LOVE Is Beautiful”
“Life with FRIENDS Is Most Wonderful”.


I was never tired of this life
it’s not gonna matter if I fall down twice,
coz I know each time I fall,
you won’t let me hit the ground.
Thanks for being around my friend.!


Making million’s of friends is not a miracle,
The miracle is to make a friend who can stand by u,
When million’s of people are against u



“Whom u dont need today, u may need them tomorow
Whom u neglect today, may never again accept u tomorrow”
-Alwys give value for relationships.:-):-)


i love d one whm i love the most…
Because that hate parson can loves mi rather
that loving parson never hate me.. 🙂


You are the meaning of my life,
You are the dreams of my thoughts,
You are the lyrics of my feelings,
You are the literature of my silence,
You are the journey of my emotions,
You are the translation of my path,
You are the definition of my identity,
You are everything for me,
I am nothing without you…



When Someone Gets
Angry With You And Says…
I Will Never Talk To You…
And Later Comes Back To Inform You.. .
“I AM STILL ANGRY”… ! after a half and hour “I HATE YOU ”
and after a hour” I STILL LOVE YOU ”


Ever Best Relationship Wishes SMS whatsapp quotes


Being a good person is like being a goal keeper. No matter how many goals u save . Peeple will remember only D one u missed



A good heart and a good nature are two different issues…….
A good heart can win many relationships,
But a good nature can win many hearts.


A Girl Should CARE her Boyfriend Like a child & Boy Should Respect His Girlfriend Like His Mom Coz No Guy Can Hurt His Mom & No Girl Can Love Someone More than her Child.



If u are not using your smile,
Then you are a person with million dollars in the bank having no cheque book”


When You Love, You Get Hurt,
When You Get Hurt,
You Hate, When You Hate,
You Try To Forget,
When You Try To Forget,
You Start Missing,
When You Start Missing,
You Fall In Love Again..!!



I Am In Love With Your Smile,
Your Voice,
Your Body,
Your Laugh,
Your Eyes,
But Most Of All,
I Am In Love With You.
I Love You.!



Live life like a pair of feet.
The front foot has no pride;
And the back foot has no shame.
Because both know pretty well that their situation shall change!



If you angry with ur lovaable friend,Just put aside your egos
Just hug each other and say:
I need u idiot at least to fight with me…



Alone i can say but 2gthr v can chat,
Alone i can smile but 2gthr we can laugh,
Alone i can live but 2gthr we can celebrate.
This is the magic of a friendship.


Love Is Peace And Permanence,
Love Is Life And Death,
Knowledge Is The Rising Question,
Love Is The Hidden Answer.



A Kiss Upon The Hand Of Someone You Truly Love,
Is More Beautiful And More Valueable
Than Any Diamond Or Gem
Could Ever Be .. (:



One One 2-I Love You..
Two Two 4-Love Me More..
Four Four 8-Love Is Great..
Eight Eight 10-Miss You Friend..


Sweet Relationship wishes whatsapp status and Messages


Love of my life
Angel of my life
My precious bride
Mother of my child
For you I will pay the price
I miss the love in your eyes



“LOVE”is a Small Coin
“LIFE” is a BIG Coin
“Wife” is a Lucky Coin
“Lover” is a Sweet Coin
Keep it safe it..!



“True love comes only 1 time with 1 person.
If it comes for the second time,
It is just a medicine to forget
The first love…!!!” 🙂


Beautiful life is just an imagination..
But Real life is more beautiful
Than imagination..
Life is yours so
Live and Love it..



Life is very short SO
Break siLLy RuLes,
Forgive QuickLy,
Love TrueLy,
Laugh LoudLy And
Never avoid anything that makes YOU smile:-)



Some people say never forget me.
Some people say always remember me.
But i love my attitude, so.. I will say . . .
Forget ME if u can..!!



Beautiful quote of the day
There iz nothing greater dan Parents in dis world.
So go get married fast and bcome parents.
Think different
Do different…



Never blame a day in ur Life
Good days give
Bad days give
Worst days give LESSON
& Best days give
Always be Thankful to GOD


Those we love never go away
they walk beside us everyday…
still near..
still loved..
still Missed..
still very dear..



I Love Your Dark Eyes,
And Your Curly Hair,
I Love Your Smile,
And The Way That You Care.
I Love Your Deep Kisses,
I Love Your Soft Touch,
I Love You, I Love You,
I Love You So Much.



Real Love Is Not Based On Romance,
Candle Light Dinner And Walks Along The Beach.
In Fact, It Is Based On Respect, Promise, Care And Trust.



We Met It Was Luck!
We Talked It Was CHANCE!
We Became Friends It Was DESTINY!
We Are Still Friends It Is FAITH!
We Will Always Be Friends Its A PROMISE!


True Relationship Wishes SMS whatsapp status, quotes


Set U free
Make U special
Increase Ur face value
Lift up Ur spirit
Erase all Tension.
So Start the Day with Smile.


Heart is a special word for Love
Love is a special word for Care
Care is a special word for You and
You are always special for me.



U may miss me
U may ignore me
U may even forget me
But one day if u wanna c me
Don’t search, just see your shadow
i will be there Trust Me!!…..



Missing You. . .
Is Not The Hard Part !!!
But . . .
Knowing That I Once Had You …
Is What Breaks My Heart . . . !!!



Sweet I m But Honey is You.
Image is Mine But Colours Are You.
Poet I am But Poem is You.
Flower is Me But Fragrance is You.
Happy I am But Reason is You..!



He makes u his friend.
He makes u laugh.
He makes u dinner.
He makes u fall in love.
He makes u cry,
Over and over.
He makes you want 2 stay.
You leave for you.



If I Get Ur Smile
I Dont Need Flowers..
If I Get Ur Voice
I Dont Need Music..
If U Speak To Me
I Dont Need Anybody Else..
If U Are “MY”
I Dont Need The World..!…..



Life is very short,
so break silly rules.
Forgive quickly,
Believe slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh loudly &
Never avoid anything that makes you smile….



If you are asking If I Need U The answer Is 4Ever
If you are asking If Ill Leave U The answer is Never
If you are asking Wat I Value The answer Is U
If you are asking If I Luv U The answer Is I Do…….



A fool may be known by six things :
anger without cause,
speech without profit,
change without progress,
enquiry without object,
putting trust in a stranger,
mistaking foes for friends.




“Time is the most elastic
element of this world.
It maximizes the minute
when u r missing someone & minimizes the hours
when u r with someone..!!


Life gets so busy that we could
not find time to say “Thank you”
to someone who has been so
nice and wonderful. “Thank you!”


Heart touching Relationship whatsapp status and Messages


“Love iis like playing a piano.
first u must learn to play by the
rules, then u must forget the
rules and play from ur heart”


There R many Roses,
Some R very Beautiful
Some R very Adorable,
Some R very Attractive But
they R nothing compare to One Rose.
That One rose is none other than you.

When lots of pple starts to love,
u may get confused whom to love,
just tell them I hate u,
everyone will get back
but not the person who loves u truly
and thats ME.


I ask God for a rose n he gave me flowers,
I ask God for water n he gave me an ocean,
I ask God for an angel n he gave me the best love ever!


If a kiss was a raindrop I’d send you showers,
If a hug was a second I’d send you hours,
If happiness was sand I’d send you the sea,
If love was a person I’d send you me



I hope dat u finally undrstand,
dat I will luv u until d end,
bcoz ur not just my girl,
u r also my best frnd!



Life is very short,
so break silly rules.
Forgive quickly,
Believe slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh loudly &
Never avoid anything that makes you smile..


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