Best Relationship Text sms lines lovely Whatsapp status

Here is the collection of Best Relationship Text sms lines lovely Whatsapp status for your lover. Boy friend and girl love to wish their lover by this Best Relationship Text sms lines lovely Whatsapp status, facebook and whatsapp is the best socail media for sharing your feelings, and trying to keeping you up to date with new relationship. we always care your relation, so we are providing you best relationship Messages, whatsapp quotes and status that you can share it any time with your friends and dost, Here is also funny Messages, broken heart sms, whatsapp status, love quotes, heart touching Messages, New relationship Messages and whatsapp status for your new relation.

Best Relationship Text sms lines lovely Whatsapp status


Smile Is The Best Credit Card.
Bcoz It Is Accepted World Wide,
Auto Reload,
Unlimited Usage
No Payment,
At All ,Makes Every1 Happy.
So Keep Smiling.


I Always Thought I Had Some
Place In Their Heart. Whom I
Loved But Everytime I Was Wrong
I Was Just Like A Candle
When Ever Needed I Was Burnt 🙁


Who Is Luckiest Lover In
This World?? A Person Who
Loves A Girl Without Proposing
Her But Finally He Gets
The Same Girl As His Wife!


I Have No Gold To Send U
I Have No Diamond 2 Snd U
I Have No Spl Gift 4 U
I Have Just These Words 2 Say U That
“Dont Forgot Me My Dear”


Music Teacher Asked:
What Is Your Favorite
Musical Instrument???
Cute Reply From Kid:
The School Bell At Last Period…!:-)


Smile: Value To Our Face
Love: Value For Our Heart
Respect: Value To Our Behaviour
Study: Value To Our Future
Friend: Value To Our Life.


I Love You More Than
All The Stars In The Sky.
I Love You More As
Each Moment Passes Us By.
I Love You More With
Every Breath I Take.
I Love You More With
Each Promise We Make.


I Compromised Everything For
My Love..!
But At The End My life..
Compromised Me For Everything..!


Sometimes Eyes Also Get Jealous Of Heart..
U Know Why..?
Guess.. Its Simple..
Sometimes Sweet Person Like U
Remain Close To Heart..
But Far Away From Eyes..!


When The World Sleeps
I Lay Broken Inside..
When The World Is Awake
My Heart Cries For Death..
Living Hurts More Than Dying..!


I’ve written you on the page of my heart,
reflected your face on the mirrors of my soul,
displayed you in the gallaries of my eyes,
this show how much i care…wow you are loved!


The heart which u love
may not know ur love
bt D heart which loves u
Doesnt know anything other than u
So,love D love
which truly loves u.


Don’t rush into falling in love
if somebody asks U
y u r single?
just tell them
“God is busy writing the best love story 4 me & Im waiting”.


umhare Saath Jo Beeta Hua Kal
Aur Tumhare Bina Jo Anewala Kal
Kaise Jiya Tha Aur Kaise Jeeyenge
Wohi Sochkar
Hum Tumhe Alvida Kehne Aye Hai


New Relationship sms lines lovely Whatsapp status


I Never Knew What Is Love
Until U Were Sent From Above..
With U I Am Always Happy..
Thank U For Loving Me.!


What is the Diffrence between frndz and Blood,
Blood Comes to the Heart and
goes outside,
But frndz come into our Heart and
Stay there forever..


Even Your Bestfriends Lie
To You at Some Point ..
Sometims You Are More
Important than the Truth..!!


When time comes for u to
Give ur heart to someone,
Make sure u select someone,
who will never break ur heart,
cuz broken hearts
has never spare parts.


When I’m all alone.
I close my eyes and think
of you
And the thought of your
love worms
Me inside and make me smile.


Enjoy the little things in life,
For one day you may look back and
Realize they were the big things. 🙂


Trust is like Elastic,
being stretch by two People.
As long as YOU hold on it,
YOU will be HAPPY.
D moment one LEAVES,
D other gets D TERRIBLE PAIN.


After An Accident,
Driver-i Showed You Headlights And
Told You To Let Me Go First.
Siddu-i Also Started Wipers And Said No, No, No.


U May Think That
I Forgot U,
U May Think That
I Dont Care,
U May Think That
I M Fake.
But U R Wrong
U Always Walk With
Me In My Thoughts..!!!


Some People Are So Lucky That
Even After Hurting
They Get So Much Love
& Some Are So Unlucky That
Even After Giving So Much Love
They Always Get Hurt.


If U Ask Me How Long I
Will Be Urs..?
My Answer Will Be
“I Dont Know”..
I Really Dont Know Which
Is Longer
“Forever” Or “Always”..!


No One Understands The
Silence Between My Words.
No One Understands The
Sadness Behind My Smile.
No One Understands The
Unsaid Feelings Of Mine.
They Think I Am Fine But
Only I Know Daily I Am Dying.
I Wan To Be Happy Again.
I Want To Live Those Moments
Again. I Am Sick Of Wearing
Fake Smile. I Am Waiting For
You Make Me Smile Again.


Smart Relationship sms  lovely Whatsapp status



With Every Promise With Every Kiss
With Every Memory With Every Touch
With Every Smile With Every Wish
With Every Minute With Every Hour
With Every Passing Day With Every Heartbeat
With Every Dream With Every Prayer
With Every Thought I Love You


I Love You..
I Love Your Smile & In
Love With Those Beautiful Eyes
I Love Your Voice. And
Every Word You Speak Makes Me
Fall In Love With You All
Over Again..



I know
i accept
i believe
i admit
i m ” 0 ” zero
but this is not end.
i want HER becoz without
HER i m incomplete.
HER + 0 = HERO


Never leave the one you like for
the one you love cuz the one u
like will leave you for the one they love!!!!


REMEMBER that there will always
besomeome who remember u
everyday with or without messages!or
calls! THATS ME!!LV U


I would like to be a tear,
born in your eyes,
alive passing your cheeks
and dieing on your lips.


Flowers will die sun will set.
But u r ma love dat i wont 4get..
Ur name is so precious,it will nvr grow old..
Its engraved in my HEART wit letters of Gold!


When A Very Sweet
Close Person Goes To Far
From Us, We May Or May
Not Say But
Our Heart Says To Their Heart
“You Made Me Alone”.


As I Feel The Tear Go Down
My Cheek, I Notice That My
Heart Is Weak, For The Love
I Have For You, Will Always
Be Gold And True, I Have Made
Some Mistakes, They Rest In
The Past, But Know My Love
Will Always Last, Even Though
We Are A Distance Apart, You
Always Have The Key To My Heart.


Books Say Read Me.
Money Says Earn Me.
Time Says Plan Me.
Flower Says Love Me.
Sms Says Send Me.
I Says Just Remember Me.


Do You Know
What Is Differance Between Your Smile
And My Smile?
You Smile When You Are Happy,
And, I Smile, When I See, You Happy..


Hold Me In Your Arms ..
Never Let Me Go.. !
Kiss Me On My Lips..
But So Sweet & Slow..
Tell Me That You Love Me..
But Only If It Is True..!
Now, Let Me Tell You Something ..
I’m So In Love With You .


Best Relationship lovely lines and Whatsapp status




If I Am Wrong,
I Need Your Hand To Correct Me.
If I Am Lost,
I Need Your Hand To Guide Me.
If One Fine Day I Die,
I Still Need Your Hand To Close My Eyes.
Please Hold My Hand Tightly In Your Hand.


Sometimes Love is for a Moment
Sometimes Love is for Lifetime
But, Sometimes a Moment with the One You Love,…is Enough to spend Your lifetime


2 live dis Life ,I need hrtbeat,
2 hv a hrtbeat,I need a Hrt,
2 hv a Hrt,I need Happiness,
2 hv a Happiness,I need U…!!!


Life is very short,
so break silly rules.
Forgive quickly,
Believe slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh loudly &
Never avoid anything that makes you smile.


I Like Everyone But I Breath for one
I Talk to Everyone But I Share Evrything 2 one
I Smile Wid Evry1 Bt Smile Is 4 1
I am 4 Evry1 Bt I Belong 2 1 nd Dat 1 Is 1 nd only nd is U


Smile is the 2nd best thing
you can do with your Lips.
What is first thing? ..??
(Answer is “KISS”)


LOVE is a challenge ……so accept it
LOVE is a game …… it
LOVE is also slow poision




Heart Can Skip A Beat 4 A While,
Memories Can Be Kept In A File,
Desert Can Replace By Nile,
But Nothing Can Stop A Smile,
from ur face


Think of love as a card game:
first, get rid of the jokers,
throw away the hearts,
keep the diamonds…
then try to get calls a romance


If luvin was aginst the law,
and kissin was a crime,
i would gladly spend my life with u,
in prison doin time.

cute relationship sms and whatsapp status


the smallest word is I,
the sweetest word is LOVE
and the dearest person
in the world is U.
tats y I Love You..


Love is just like life,
its not always easy and does
not always bring happiness.
but when we do not stop
living why should we stop loving


Romance Mathematics
Smart man + smart woman = romance
Smart man + dumb woman = affair
Dumb man + smart woman = marriage
Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy


A Boy Told His Girlfriend
Your Eyes Are Just Too
D Girl Replied Yes,
They R Beautiful, Only
Bcoz U Stay In Them.


Its Nice Whn Som1 Holds N
Umbrella 4 U Undr D Rain…
Bt Its Nicr Whn Som1 Holds
Ur Hand & Togthr V Run Crazily
Undr Th Rain.


Share A Heart Which Never Break,
Share A Smile Which Never Hurts,
Give A Touch Which Never Pains,
Maintain A Relationship Which Never Ends.


Jise Hum Hasa Kar Roye
Use Phir Hum Bhula Kar
Roye, Wo Karib Se Gujra
Aur Haal Tak Na Pucha
Humara, Unhe Kya Maloom
Ke Hum Kitni Door Ja Kar Roye..


I Sent U An SMS, It Was Flying In The Air And It Met To Your SMS, Which Was Also Fyling Towards Me, They Both Fall In Love And Disappeared There Forever …


Psychology says, someone who
stays on your mind after months &
years of no communication is the
one who has your heart!


If I Had Only 24 Hrs To
Live Then I Would Spend
The 23Hrs Wid U.. And
The Last 1hr Of My Life,
I Would Spend Searching
For The Person Who Would
Care For U The Way I Do.


U may meEt ppL beTta deN me,
fuNnieR deN mE,
moRe loVely deN me,
buT thiNg i caN saY to U,
i wiLL alwAys be heRe
wheN deY aLL leAve u..


Wen i was a baby i was afraid to lose my mom,
Wen i was a kid i was afraid to lose my toy,
nw im older my fear grew bigger n im afraid
to lose som1 like u Baby Al..


Sweet Relationship Text Messages lovely Whatsapp status


no, how can I be lonely when
you are always in my thoughts.
I wake up with you and go to sleep with you.
I love you!!


Though we are very far apart,
but somehow I always feel you
near my heart.


Our skin may grow wrinkled
and old but the heart that is loyal
shall never turn cold


Bee Love Honey
People Love Money
Flower Love Dew


COURT ORDER! Ur accused of
crawling into my HEART,
& hijacking
my smiles with your care.
Hw du plead? GUILTY!
U R sentenced
2 b MY Better Half 4-LIFE-no bail!


If GOD give me 24 hrs b4 death…….
then i”ll spend 23 hrs wid U……..
1 hr to find that person,
who will care 4U
After MY DEATH….!!!!


If I die and go to heaven,
I put your name on a golden star.
So that all the angels can see
How much you mean to me !!
I love you


I love two things,
a rose and you.
A rose for a short while,
but you the rest of my life


Accidents do happen.
i slip- i trip- i stumble-
i fall & usually i dont care at all.
but now i dont know what to do
cos i slipped and fell in love with u


Love got ur bak & uve got mine.
ill help u out netime.
2 see u hurt 2 see u cry.
makes me weep & wanna die.
ill b right here til d end.
cos ur my love & my bestfriend



If I would get a rose for
every time I think of you,
I would spend every day
in a rose garden … thinking of you


Love is just like life,
its not always easy and
does not always bring happiness.
but when we do not stop
living why should we stop loving


Today a few drops of blood fell
down of my heart and when i asked
why the response was
“There was someone very cruel in yours heat
that forced us to come out


Latest Relationship sms and quotes lovely Whatsapp status


I love so much my heart is sure.
As time goes on I love you more,
Your happy smile.Your loving face,
no one will ever take your place


I have liked many but loved very few.
yet no-one has been as sweet
as u.I”d stand and wait in
the worlds longest queue.
just for the pleasure of a moment with u


I have the “I”,
I have the “L”,
I have the “O”,
I have the “V”,
I have the “E”,…
so pls can I have “U”?


I am in hospital now.
After 5 minutes,
I will be transferred to a surgery room.
The doctor told me,
I will die if I stop RECEIVING YOUR SMS.


3 words made my heart beat faster,
3 words made my legs shake
3 words made my head spin,
3 words: I love you


Perfect Meaning Of Maturity:
Maturity Is When A Person
Hurts U.. And,
U Try To Understand Their
Situation.. And,
Dont Hurt Them Back


I m feeling so happy,
do u know why?
cuz i m so lucky,
do u know how?
cuz God loves me.
Do u know how?
cuz he gave me a gift.
Do u know what?
its YOU my love


If 10 people care 4 u,
one of them is me,
if 1 person cares 4 u
that would be me again,
if no 1 cares 4 u
that means i m not in this world.


When time comes for u
to give ur heart to someone,
make sure u select someone
who will never break ur heart,
cuz broken hearts has never spare parts


should be handled carefully,
Because words when SPOKEN
& Hearts when BROKEN
are the hardest things to repair


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