Best Romantic whatsapp status True Love Relationship sms

Here is the Best Romantic whatsapp status True Love Relationship sms for your lover. boy friend and girl friend love to send true love relationship sms to their lover. so we are here for all kind of Best Romantic whatsapp status True Love Relationship sms. just stay close with your lover with our whatsapp status and express your feeling by this True Love Relationship Messages. we providing you whatsapp relationship Messages, true relationship select a perfect relationship whatsapp status and share it now.


Best Romantic whatsapp status True Love Relationship sms


Whenever I Write About U,
I Have So Much Thoughts..
Very Few Words To Tell
What U Mean To Me..!


Love The Source Life, Love
The Source Peace, Love The
Source Of Unity Love The
Source Of You, Love The
Source Of Me You Are The
Source Of Joy To Me..


I Love You More Than All
The Stars In The Sky.
I Love You More As Each
Moment Passes Us By.
I Love You More With Every
Breath I Take.
I Love You More With Each
Promise We Make..


For Whom I Used To Live
For Whom I Could Die
There Was A Girl
Whom I Loved
How Do I Show Her The
Love That Is In My Heart?
How Do I Tell Her That
Being Crazy For Her Has
Made Me Mad?


U Dont Have Any Idea,
How Important U Are To Me..
I Have No Idea,
How To Explain It To U..!


When You Touched My Hand
For The First Time.. It Was
A Feeling That Can Be Said
As Divine.. My Heart Was
Waiting For This To Happen
Evee, I Wanted Nothing More
Than To Hold It Forever..


Hearts Could Only Love For
A While.. Feets Could Only
Walk For Some Miles.. Clothes
Wont Forever Be In Style..
But, Having U As My Lover
Is Forever Worth While..!


2 Places Are Most Valuable
In The World.. The Nicest
Is To Be In Someones Thoughts..
And, The Safest Is To Be In
Someones Prayers, Keep Me In Both!


Like The Dew Drops On The
Flowers I Love The Feelings
Of Ur Lips On Mine With
The Warmth Of Ur Embrace.
I Love To Keep Sinking In
Your Arms Always All I
Wanna Say I Love You Always.


I Look Into Your Eyes And
Find That There Is A Beautiful
World, This Is A Place Where
I Can Hide, A Place Where I
Belong, Never Before Have Had
I Felt This Way, I Want To Be
With You Every Day And Night.


Some People Have Nice Eyes..
Some Have Nice Smiles..
And, Others Have Nice Face..
But, U Have All Of
Them With A Nice Heart..!


Dont Chase Someone Once
They Wish To Leave..
Bcoz, Even If U Get
The Person Back..
Its Not The Same Person..!


whatsapp status True Love Relationship sms


Dont Chase Someone Once
They Wish To Leave..
Bcoz, Even If U Get
The Person Back..
Its Not The Same Person..!


No One Can Stop Earth
In 11 Months.. No One Can
Stop Sun Rising From
East.. No One Can Stop
My Messeges For U.. No One
Can Change My Life Except U..!


I dont know rather to cry when
youre gone or when you are stl
with me…
…..But I know tht these tears
making me stronger


HEART is a special word for LOVE.
LOVE is a special world for CARE.
CARE is a special for YOU and YOU
are special for Me!


Each Day Wid Sm1 New,
Id Look & Nevr Find Anothr U
D World Is Full Of Ppl,
I Know Its True,
Yet No 1 Cud Evr Equal
Wat Ive Found In U!!


Millions And Millions Of Years
Would Still Not Give Me Half
Enough Time.. To Describe That
Tiny Instant Of All Eternity
When U Put Ur Arms Around Me..
And, I Put My Arms Around U..!


I Get Jealous, I Get
Mad, I Get Worried, I Get
Curious.. But, Thats Only
Bcoz I Love U So Much,
And I Dont Want To Lose U..!


Its Hard To Live Alone,
Harder To Chose Someone
To Love But, Hardest Is
To Admit That You Have
Falling In Love With Someone
Who Can Never Be Yours!


Am Happy To Wait For You
When You Say “Am Buzy, Wait”,
Am Happy To Wait For You
Knowing That You Will Never
Turn Back, Am Happy To Wait
Even When You Dont Know That
I Was Waiting For You, Am
Still Waiting For You To Say
I Love You..!!


When I See Any Couple I
Always Get A Smile On My
Face & I Pray For Them To
Be Together Forever Coz I
Know The Pain Of Being Alone.


Whenever You Miss Me Don’t
Look For Me In Your Dream..
Don’t Try To Hear My Voice
In Your Mobile.. Just Put
Your Right Hand In Your
Heart And You Will Feel Me
In Your Heart Beats..


I Feel Like Having Mini Heart
Attack.. When I Dont Find
My Mobile My Pocket..
Its Almost Like Heart Fail,
When I See It In My Fathers Hand..!


Romantic relationship whatsapp sms and sms


Would You Believe Me If I
Tell You That I Love You So
Much? Actually, Id Prefer
It If You Wont. Why? So That
I Can Spend The Rest Of My Life
Proving To You How Much I Do.


I Daily Watch Ur Pic, I Always
Wait For Ur Call, I Read Ur
Msgs At Leastt 5 Times, I
Always Want U To Hold My Hand,
I Want To Feel The Magic Of
Having A Simple Hug,
Because I Love You So Much..


To Live This Life I Need
A Heartbeat, To Have A
Heartbeat I Need A Heart,
To Have A Heart I Need
Happiness And, To
Have Happiness I Need You!


We Spend Our Days Waiting For
The Ideal Path To Appear In
Front Of Us But, What We
Forget Is That Paths Are Made
By Walking Not By Waiting..!


Two Things Indicate Weakness:
1. To Be Silent, When It
Is The Proper Time To Speak..
2. To Speak, When It Is The
Proper Time To Be Silent..!


od Is Always Playing Chess
With Each One Of Us, He Makes
Moves In Our Life And Then
Sits Back To See How We React
To The Challenges, So Make
The Best Move Before Checkmate!


The Great Thing A Little Lamp
Can Do, Which The Big Sun
Cannot Do Is, It Gives Light
At Night, It Shows No One Is
Superior By Size, But By Purpose!


Life Is A Game Play It,
Life Is A Challenge
Meet It, Life Is An Opportunity
Capture It, In Life The
Best Revenge Is Living..


Feeling Are Many But Words Are Few,
Clouds Are Dark But Sky Is Blue.
Love Is Paper,life Is Glue.
Every Things Is False,
Only My Love Is True.


When My Arms Cant Reach
People Who R Close
To My Heart, I Always Hug
Them With My Prayers.
May God Grant U What Ur
Heart Desire N Keep Happy..


Everyone Wants Happiness,
No One Needs Pain..
Its Not Possible To Get A
Rainbow Without A Little Rain!


We Think There Is Enough
Time To Live, But We
Never Know Which Moment
Is The Last, So Share,
Care, Love, & Celebrate,
Every Moment Of Life.


whatsapp status True Love Relationship Messages


Never Search A Person Whom
You Want Search A Person Who
Wants You Dont Care For Those
Who Ignore You Care For Those
Who Are Ignoring Others For You.


Many Of Lifes Failures Are
People Who Did Not Realize
How Close They Were To
Success.. When They Gave Up..!


Patience Is Not The Ability To
Wait.. But, The Ability To Keep
A Good Attitude While Waiting..
Knowing Well That God Makes
Everything Beautiful In His Time!


Feelings Are The Most Delicate
Thing In Life, Never Hurt Them
When Anyone Truly Loves You,
Because, A Great Person Says..
“Today Its Me, Tomorrow Its You”


Talent Will Take You To
High Position. But
Character Will Help To
Maintain The High Position.


In Life U Dont Need Many
Relationships To Be Maintained..
U Just Need To Say That The
Relationship U Have
Maintained Has Life In It..!


A Good Heart And A Good Nature
Are 2 Different Issue..
A Good Heart Can Win Many
Relationships.. But, A Good
Nature Can Win Many Good Hearts.!


Opinions Are Like Wrist Watches..
Everyones Watch Shows
Different Time From Other..
But, Everyone Believes That
Their Time Is Accurate..!


I Need Your Heart To Love
Mine, I Need Your Soul To
Mate With Mine, I Need Your
Eyes To Look Into Mine, I Need
You To Know That I Amyours
And You Are Mine & Only Mine.


Would You Believe Me If I
Tell You That I Love You So
Much? Actually, Id Prefer
It If You Wont. Why? So That
I Can Spend The Rest Of My Life


I Know U Were D Most
Prestigious Trophy I Ever
Had But Sometimes I Feel
I Was D Biggest
Game That U Ever Played.


Make A Promise To Yourself,
Always To Choose The Best
Things In Life, To Hold On
To Your Dreams, To Believe
In your Ideas And Follow Ur
Heart, Because Life Is
Beautiful Just Like You..


Beautiful relationship whatsapp status and Messages


The Day You Came In My Life,
I Felt You As My Best 0ne.
I Judged You Not By Your
Beauty Or Tone, But
Because I Felt You As My
0wn. Be With Me Forever.


Difference Betwn Love & Friendship
Balance Nhi He Fir B Kuch
B Krke Call Krke Baat Krna
Is Love & Balance Hone Ke Baad
B Call Nhi Karna Is Friendship


We Spend Most Of Our Time
Talking About Nothing
But I Just Want To Let
You Know That All These
Nothings Mean So Much More
To Me Than So Many Somethings.


The Person Who Can Find
Sorrow Behind Your Smile
Words Behind Your
Silence And Love Behind
Your Anger, Is The Person
Who Can Hold You Forever.


I Like To Pretend That
Everything Is Alright.
Because When Everybody
Else Thinks You Are Fine,
Sometimes You Forget
For A While That You’re Not.



Love Someone..
It doesn’t matter if you suffer.
It doesn’t matter if you cry.
It doesn’t matter if you fight.
Because in the end you’ll be able to say: I suffered, I cried, I fought. But I loved you


I have a heart and that is true,
But now it has gone from me to you,
So care for it just like I do,
Because I have no heart and you have to.


A candle may melt
and its fire may die,
But the love you have
Given me will always
Stay as a flame in my heart.



Only the open heart receives
Only the open mind receives
Only the open hand receives
Only the CUTE 1″s receive



You Are Inside Me, You
Are Around Me, I Only
See You Wherever I Go,
Because There Is Nothing
In Our Universe Of
Love Expect You & Me..


ROOF says- Aim High!
FAN says- Be Cool..
CLOCK says- Every minute is precious!
MIRROR says- Reflect before u act..
WINDOW says- See d world with me!


Hearts could only luv for a while,
Feet could only walk for a mile,
Clothes won’t forever be in style
But having u as my friend is forever worthwhile.


Special relationship Messages and whatsapp status



A special friend is rare indeed,
It beems to be special breed,
Yes, perfect friends are every few,
So lucky I’m for having you.


Success & Excuses do not talk together..
If u want Excuses, forget abt Success..
If u want Success, do not give excuses!!


Never Search A Person Whom You Want
Search A Person Who Wants You
Dont Care For Those Who Ignore You
Care For Those Who Are Ignoring Others For You.




I Love U Because, I Cant Live
Without U. I Miss U Because
I`m Addicted To Ur Company.
I Like U Because No 1 Is So
Sweet Like U. I Want U Because
You Make Me Feel Safe.
I Need U Because U R My World!


I Love So Much My Heart Is
Sure, As Time Goes On I
Love You More, Your Happy
Smile, Your Loving Face, No
One Will Ever Take Your Place


In this WORLD,
where everything seems UNCERTAIN,
only one thing is DEFINITE.
You’ll always be my FRIEND,
beyond WORDS,
beyond TIME &
beyond DISTANCE!……


Dedicated To All Flirts:
I Loved Someone.. But,
Someone Broke My Heart Into
Pieces.. And Now Every Piece
Of My Heart Loves Someone..
People Call Me A Flirty..!


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