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Doctor to Santa : Ab aapki tabiyat kaisi hai.
Santa : Doctor saheb Pehle se zyada kharab ho gayi hai.
Doctor : dawai khali thi kya?
Santa : Nai doctor saheb. dawai ki shishi to bhari hui thi.
Doctor : Are Pappu ji mere kehne ka matlab hai ki, dawai le lithi kya.
Santa : Ji, aapne dawai de di thi aur maine le li thi.
Doctor: Abe, dawai pili thi kya?
Santa : Oho, nai doctor saheb dawai to lal thi.
Doctor : Abe GADHE, Dawai ko piliya tha kya?
Santa : Nai. Doctor, Piliya to mujhe tha.
Doctor( in frustration) : Abe teri to, Dawai ko muh lagakar Pet me dala tha k nai?
Santa : Nai doctor saheb.
Doctor : Kyon?
Santa : Kyonki dhakkan band tha.
Doctor : Teri sale, to Khola kyon nai.
Santa : Saheb, aapne hi to kaha tha ki, shishi ka dhakkan band rakhna.
Doctor : Tera ilaj main nai kar sakta.
Santa : Accha Doctor saheb ye to bata do ki main thik kaise hounga .


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Santa : Pata hai kurkure khane se kya hota hai?
Banta : Kya hota hai ?
Santa : Socho… socho… socho…
Banta : Nahi pata.
Santa : Abe, kurkure khatam ho jate hai !



Santa went to a STD/ISD/PCO telephone booth.
He looked at instructions and slapped the operator twice. Guess why ?
Because there it was written “Number Dial Karne Se Pahale Do Lagao”



Santa : Every month I send cheque to my father.
Banta: That is very good. Then what your father do with that cheque?
Santa: Nothing, just signs it and sends it back to me.



Santa ko ek party ka invitation mila, jisme likha tha ” only pink tie”.
Sant vanha gaya, aur dekh kar bola
“O teri, yahna to logo ne paint shirt bhi pehan rakhhi hai !”



Santa was very fond of sensational and detective novels, but he always started reading from the middle.
Banta asked why he did so?
“It’s doubly interesting”, said Santa. “To start from the middle keeps one curious not only about its conclusion but also about its beginning.”




Spread from tipsy to totally plowed,
On Diwali, partygoers got loud.
Banta had had quite a few
And said, “Rockets won’t do.”
So he shot off his mouth at the crowd.



3 Boys proposing to 3 Girls
1= Tu meri Laila, te main tera Majnu.
2= Main tera Ranja, te tu meri Heer.
3= (SANTA) Tu meri Zaara, te main tera VEER….!



Santa and his Chinese girlfriend accidentally had twins without getting married,
Guess what they named them…
Jo Hua, So Hua.



Santa and Banta stopped suddenly while walking down the road.
Santa : Sh*t! My wife and my girlfriend are coming together.
Banta : Sh*t! Mine too!


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