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It HuRtS wHeN wE rIsK oUr
It EnDs Up BeInG
WhAt HuRtS mOrE iS whEn We
hOlD oN wHeN wE aLrEaDy KnOw
We ArE wAiTiNg FoR




IF U lovE sum1 donT keeP him iN uR hearT!
keeP him oN uR naiLs!
So iF U Fail iN lovE,
don?t breaK uR hearT!
JusT cuT thE naiLs!
DatS Y girLS keeP lonG naiLs. .




Mehkhane me jam tut jata he,
ishq me Dil tut jata he,
Na jane kya rishta hai in Dono me,
jam tute to ishq yaad Aata hai,
Dil tute to jam yaad Aata hai. . .



Na tarapta dil na roti Aankhain
Na labon pe naam koi or hota
Hum teri tamanna Q karte
Agar tere jaisa koi Aur hota



Agar tum usko na pa sako jis ko tum chahty ho
To usay Zaror apna Lena jo tumhen chahte ha!
kyun k?
chahny se chahey jane ka Ehsas ziyada khubsorat hota he.



Un sey kehna k mai bohat khush hon
Unki yadein stati hain
Unki dori ka gham nahi mujhey
Zara palkein bheeg jati hain?


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Unlucky In Love Are The Luckiest One
They Always Have A Chance
To Switch Their Love
From One Person To Another . . .




We Must Move
Asking GOD To Take Care Of The Things That Are Breaking Our Hearts
Praying About
The Things That Are
Breaking HIS Heart.




Give Others
A Peace Of
Ur Heart
Not A Piece
Of Ur Mind .




Some battles have to be fought alone,
some paths have to b crossed alone,
so never b emotionaly attached with anyone,
u never know when u havE to walk alone?




Don?t Rush Into Falling In Love 4 Love Never Runs Out.
If Somebody Asks U Why U?re Single Just Tell Them ? GOD ?
Is Just Busy Writing The Best Love Story 4 Me.




Seven Phases Of Life

1. Studies

2. Games

3. Entertainment

4. Love




Life Ends When Love Starts?!!!




A Famous Poet Says;
It is Possible to Cross an Ocean Without Wetting Legs.
But It is Impossible to Cross the Life Without Wetting Your Eyes.




Heart touching Quote:
I remember him not as the one who broke MY HEART..
As the one who taught me how to live with A BROKEN HEART…..!




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