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Here is the latest collection of cool Romantic Love sms whatsapp text Messages status, quotes. Every boy friend loves her girl friend so much. Whatsapp and facebook is a communication process for them. now every boy friend and girl friend can share romantic feelings by this social media as like whatsapp, facebook, google plus. so my dear friend thanks for coming here by searching English cool Romantic Love sms whatsapp text Messages status, quotes. we know must your girl friend will like our sms. Relationship is so sweet and it becomes more sweeter when you can respect her feelings. so know you want to express your feeling, so have come here for getcool Romantic Love sms whatsapp text Messages status, not worry.We respect your need not to think any more.can can share your feelings with your girl freind by this sms.Here is also Broken heart sms, Latest cute relationship sms, sweet and true relationship sms, whatsapp love Messages for lover.

Romantic Love sms whatsapp text Messages status in English


Angels East, Angels West,
Bless Da Person Who Reads This Sms.
May Guide Her 2 Rest and When
He Wakes 2moro May Perform @ His Best!


Im Wishing U A Day Which Is
As Bright As Ur Eyes And Every One Around
You 2b As Generous As Your Heart.


We Never Know Why We Like Someone More
Than Others ..
Why We Love Someone Without
Any Reason .
Why We Feel Happy Thinking
About Their Presence ..
Because ,,
Some Feelings Has No Explanation
or Definition ..


Cute Propose:
Boy: Please, Close Your Eyes For A Moment.
Girl: Ok!
Boy: Andhera Dikh Raha He Na?
Girl: Yes.
Boy: That Is My Life Without You…..


Communication is the lifeline Of
any relationship.
When u stop communicating,
you start losinG your valuable
relationships …
So stay in touch always ..


Life Is About Moving Forward,
Accepting Changes In Time
And People, Looking Forward
To What Makes You Stronger,
Better And More Complete.


Nobody Can Touch Words,
But Words Do Touch Everybody..
We Are The Master of Our Unspoken Words,
And Slave of Our Spoken Words..!


We Dont Succeed In Our
1st Love!
Becoz We Lack Certain
After Achieving Those
We Never Love Again!


Some battles have to
be fought alone,
Some paths have to be
crossed alone,
So never be emotionaly
attached with
You never know when u
havE to walk alone…


The pain is not on the
day of missing our dear
The pain is really when
u live without them
with their presence in
your mind


It is Possible to Cross
an Ocean Without
Wetting Legs.
But It is Impossible to
Cross the Life Without
Wetting Your Eyes.


Honest relations are just like water
no color
no shape
no taste
but still very important for life…


There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference.
That little difference is attitude.
The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.


Love Is The Happiness Of
And Promise Of Tomorrow..


So This Warm Note Comes To
U To Say That Live Life
With A Heart Full Of Love.


Romantic whatsapp love Messages status


A man was polishing his new car.
His 4yr old son was scratching lines on car with a stone
In anger man hit son-s hand by hammer.
Child lost all fingers
Child- Dad wen will my fingers grow back..
Man was hurt.


An Injury On A Tounge
Heals The Quickest..
An Injury Caused By The
Tounge Takes Longest
Time To Heal..!


Life me to time kabhi nhi jhukna chahiye-
1st-when someone challenge.
2nd-when u challenge someone.
Bcoz challenging is part of life.
And start of success.


No One Gets A Sudden Rise
Not Even The Sun
It Takes Time To Rise To The
Peak Of Success
We Just Have To Keep Our Efforts


I say one good thing about love…
“Love is not a maybe thing,
You know when you love someone…”


Beautiful Truth Against Gravity:
“The Heart Feels Light When Someone Is In It.
But It Feels Very Heavy When Someone Leaves It!”


Come live with me and be my love, and we will some new pleasures prove, of golden sands, and crystal beaches, with silken lines and silver hooks…


When I look at you all I can say is. WOW am I lucky to have the best person that I love standing right beside me and I never want that to change.”


I love your smile, i love your face, i love your laugh and the way you talk, i love how your eyes sparkle and how u make me laugh, I love you don’t you see that.”


I’m so glad I met you. You make my life better, and you give me a reason to wake up in the morning! Your the most important thing in my life!


Is the most important element of ur “Personilty”
It is like an investment, Whatever u give to others,
it will return u with profit.


Best advice msz 4 live.
Love, Care and Respect
The 1st two you GIVE,
The last one you EARN,
Thats the secret of a Good Relationship..!!


Cool whatsapp lovely Messages and romantic sms


I miss you:
With each beat of my heart,
With every blink of my eyes,
Every second of Time,
And every moment of the Day!
Miss you, miss you, miss you…


Wonderful Couples in thisWorld..
Heart and Beats..
Night and Moon..
Music and Songs..
Roses and Loves..
Fish and Water..
My SMS and Your SMILE.. 🙂


“Life is the best school”
“Nature is the best teacher”
“Problem is the best assignment”
“Failure is the best revision”
“success is a good result”


Satisfaction is always Better than Success.
Because Success is measured by others,
But Satisfaction is measured by Your Own Heart.


The size of our Problems is nothing as compared to
Our ability to Solve them…
We over-estimate the Problems &
Under-estimate our ABILITY…!!!
Take Care


Four things never come back:
The spoken word,
The wasted time,
The past life,
And the neglected opportunity.
So think twice, act wise!


For The Rest Of My Life
I will Be with You
I Will stand By your Side
Honest & True
I Love You


Only two persons are happy in this
world First is Mad and Second is
Child Be a Mad to Achieve what you
desire And Be a Child to Enjoy What
you Have.


I Never Knew I Could Miss Someone
As Much As I Miss You, But Good
Luck Trying To Find A Guy Who Loves
You More Than I Do.


If U Love Someone,
Show Them.
Bcoz U Could Soon Find Urself
Watching Them
Walk Out The Door!
Words Mean Nothing,
But Actions Mean Everything!


D Feeling Of
Starts From The Eyes
If U Try To Close Ur Eyes…
Turns Into A Drop Of Tear & Remains
In Ur Heart Forever .


Real Love Is Not Based On Romance, Candle Light Dinner And Walks Along The Beach. In Fact, Is Based On Respect, Compromise, Care And Trust.


True aspects of life . .
If we become too sentimental ,
its too hard to lead life….
If we become too practical ,
its too tough to respect relations.

Best romantic Love Messages, whatsapp quotes for Her


Is d best Answer
for all questions
Is d best Reaction
in all situations
BOTH Never Help In


Power and Wealth are
fruits of life;
But Family and Friends
are roots of life!
We can manage
without the fruits;
But can never stand
without the


May The silver night’s moon greet You,
May The angel’s voice wish You,
God, The one above who keeps the whole world happy,
May he Think of Your happiness every moment.


Dont Waste Ur Affection To A Wrong 1
Who Is Not Responding,
But Dont Miss To Keep Ur Affection
To The Right 1 Who Respects It


Attraction Is The Temporary Love”.
But “Love Is The Permanent
Just A Game Of Words But Makes Lot
Of Difference In Life.


When a lock is opened by many keys, it become a bad lock.
When a key opens many locks, it becomes a master key.
Be master in life.


I wrote your name in the sand,
but wave washed it away.
then i wrote it in the sky,
but wind blew it away,
so i wrote it in my heart ,
that where it will stay.


Staying In Love With Someone..
Even If U Know U Cant Be Together In Future..
Is Like Standing In Rain..
U Know U Are Going To Be Sick..
Still U Stand There..
It Feels Great..!


A candle may melt
and it’s fire may die,
but the love you have
given me will always
stay as a flame in my heart


Don‘t keep me in ur eyes i may fall as a
keep me in ur
so that every beat reminds u that there is a some one who is always Care 4 U


To See Love Look At Moon
To See Beauty Look At Nature..
To See Light Look At Sun
To See Hope Look At Future..
I Can See All Of These
By Just Looking At Ur Eyes..!


Always welcome ur problems….
Bcoz problems give u dual advice,
One u know how to solve that


Relation is like a glass,
A scratch on any side will reflect on the other side too,
So always handle feelings carefully bcoz
The scratch cannot removed.


whatsapp text Messages Romantic Love status in Engish


Life is too ironic to fully understand..
It takes sadness to knw wat happiness is,
noise to appreciate silence


If you walk the way guided by humans,
you will find a hopeless end.
If you walk the way guided by ALLAH,
you will find endless hope


Not every flower can represent love but roses did it.
Not every tree can stand thirst, but cactus did it.
Not every monkey can read SMS
but hey you just did it!
Enjoy your day,
and dont forget to smile!


Happiness Keeps u Sweet,
Sorrows Keep u Human
Failure Keeps u Humble,
Success Keeps u glowing


2 know U is an adventure,
2 care 4 U is an art,
2 listen 2 U is an honor,
2 talk 2 U is a pleasure,
but 2 have U as my friend,
Is an absolute treasure!!!


If U Luv Sm1,
Show Dam.
Bcoz U Could Soon Find urself
Watching Dam
Walk Out D Door!
Words Mean Nothing,
Bt Actions Mean Evrything!


Love : Its not the presence of something which brings meaning to life,
its the way that someone touches ur heart which gives life a beautiful meaning..


When clouds breaks rain fall.
When coconut breaks water falls.
When luv breaks tears falls.
But wen friendshp breaks life falls completly So nvr brk frndshp..


Keeping a friend is as difficult as losing one.
U sacrifice a lot to Keep Them.
I may not have sacrificed enough 4 u?
But in my heart i swear i m Keeping u.


The best way to Torture your
critics is with your
There is nothing
people hate more than
seeing you Happy and


Don’t be a parrot in life, be an Eagle.
A parrot speaks but can’t fly high,
but an Eagle is silent


Don’t Lower your Goals To The Level of Your Abilities,
Raise Your Abilities To The Height of Your Goals.


Laugh at your mistakes,
but learn from them.
Joke over your troubles,
but gather strength from them.
Have fun with your difficulties,
but overcome them.
Good Day!



New Rlationship Messages, whatsapp love Status


Maafi mangne ka matlab ye nahi hota
ki aap galat hai

iska matlab ye hota hai ki aap us
rishte ki kadar karte hai…


Things will change from Class room 2 office,
Books 2 files, Jeans 2 formals,
Pepsi 2 juices, Girl friends 2 wife,
what will never change is, yaaron ki yaar!



Thought of the day –
Reflection cannot be seen in Boiling Water….
The same way Truth cannot be seen in a state of Anger.
Analyze before you Finalize.


Hope is wishing something would happen;
Faith is believing something will happen;
Courage is making something happen!


Life is a touch & go Some people will be there 4a while,
Some will go away,
but People who find u special will always find ways to stay with u!


Everyone has difficulties in there life..
but the difficult solutions are rewarding u the highest marks..


Simple Principle Of Life:
Never Think We Are Nothing,
Never Think We Are Everything..
But Always Think We Are Something,
And We Can Achieve Anything..!


Emotion Is The Most Precious Gift
Which God Has Given To Human..
It Becomes The Most Dangerous Gift..
If We Dont Know How To Handle It..!!!


People talk behind ur back for 3 reasons
1: wen they can’t reach ur level
2: wen they don’t hav, what u hav
3: wen they try 2 copy ur life style, but can’t. 😉


Without Love — dayz are
shatterday… so be in Luv everyday…


Every 1 Can Luv Rose
But No 1 Luvs A Leaf Dat
Add Beauty To It.
Dont Luv Sm1 Who Is Beautiful
Bt Luv D 1 Who Makes Ur Life Beautiful.
2 Having A Beautiful Life
U Get All Things


Friends r like street lights along the road.
They don’t make the distance any shorter,
But they light up the path & make the walk worthwhile.


Sweet Candies Are Easy To Buy,
Sweet Words Are Easy To Say But Sweet people Like U Is Very Hard To Find,
So I Dont Want To Loose U…


D Feeling Of
Starts 4rm D Eyes
If u Try To Close ur Eyes…
Turns Into A Drop Of Tear & Remains
In ur Heart Forever


Touching Line 4 my dear ones :-
A request to my specials –
I trust you blindly..
Please. . . . never prove me


Dont love D person who enjoys with U,
Love D person who really suffers without U..
D pain of love can never be defined..


Romantic Feeling whatsapp status Love Messages


Always Be Good With The Good
Never Be Bad With The Bad
U Cant Wash Blood With The


Philosophy Of a Successful Life: ..
When you are Alone, “Control your Thoughts”
When you are In Crowd, “Control your Words”…


A line from a persin who has understood life properly
“I thought love is life…!
But my love taught me what is life..!”


Whenever u feel down in life,
lose all hopes in life..
Just close ur eyes and say
I have to prove, not to the world,
but to myself..!!


Maybe You Came Into My Life
To Show Me That Love Is Not
The Ultimate Source Of Happiness.
I Have Learnt The Hard Way.
It Is Not A Time To Quit Affection,
But Rather A Notice
That I Ought To Play Smart As Well.


when I asked god for strenght,he gave me difficult situation to face;when i asked god for brain&Brown, He Gave me puzzles in life to solve; When i asked God for Happiness, He gave me some unhappy people;


if wealth is lost,nothing is lost,if health is lost,something is lost, if character is lost, everything is lost.


Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven


Some friends forget
Some move away
Some keep silent
Some just change
But I’m not one of them.
I’m here just for two moments
.. now & forever…!! 🙂


We always miss some1 in life;
only for two reasons:
Either that person was in your heart
You always wanted to be in that person”s heart..


A person who loves
you truely, will never
make you feel that
how much you have
hurt him .


If U Have Love In Ur Heart
Then It Doesnt Matters How
Much Difficult The Life Is..!


My Heart Is Made To Love
You My Eyes Are Made To See
You My Hands Are Made To
Hold You Every Part Of Me
Wants You May Be Bcoz
I Was Made Just For You.


Looking Into Ur Eyes,
I Can See Beauty..
Looking Into Ur Soul,
I Can See Passion..
Looking Into Ur Mind,
I Can See Intelligence..
Looking Into Ur Heart,
I Can See The World..!


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