Cute Relationship Messages sms Whatsapp status for lover

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Cute Relationship Messages sms Whatsapp status for lover

When Someone Gets Angry With You
And Says…
I Will Never Talk To You… 🙁
And Later Comes Back To Inform


We Dont Succeed In Our 1st Love!
Becoz We Lack Certain Qualites.
After Achieving Those Qualities,
We Never Love Again!


I Love You..
I Love Your Smile &
In Love With Those Beautiful
Eyes I Love Your Voice.
And Every Word You Speak
Makes Me Fall In Love With
You All Over Again….!!


Boy: I Hav A Very Bad Habit?
Girl: Wht Ur Sayng. Whats Tht?
Boy: I M A “Smoker”
Girl: Ohh God Its Very Bad Habit
It May Lead To Cancer Also
Plz Stop Smoking?
Boy: Ya But If U Keep My Lipsbusy
I Wont Smoke !
Girl: Awww



Boyfriend: I Really Love,
It When You Cry Badly…
Girlfriend (With Anger):
Why Is It So…? Means
You Enjoy It ?
Boyfriend: No Sweety,
Because That The Only Moment
You Hug Me As Tightly As You Can.



Kiss Is Not Like Nokia
Just Connecting People,
Not Like Nike Just Do It,
Not Like Pepsi Yeh Dil
Mange More, But Kiss Is Like
Lays No One Can Eat Just One


Faith Makes Things Possible..
Hope Makes Things Work..
Love Makes Things Beautiful..
May U Have All Three This Year..Faith Makes Things Possible..
Hope Makes Things Work..
Love Makes Things Beautiful..
May U Have All Three This Year..!!


What Is Love.?
Those Who Do Not Like It
Call It A Responsibility..
Those Who Play With It Call It A Game..
Those Who Do Not Have Call It A Dream..
For Me Its U..!


The More We Like Someone..
The More Scared We Become
To Lose Them.. Bcoz,
We Cant Afford To Lose
Someone Whom We Choose
Among Millions..!


I Have No Gold To Send U..
I Have No Diamond To Send U..
I Have No Special Gift For U..
I Have Just These Words To
Say “That Dont Forget Me My Dear”


Habit Of Smiling Can Make
Ur Life Happy.. It Cost
Nothing And U Lose Nothing..
The Person Who Get It..
Gets Everything..
So Keep Smiling..!


Cute Relationship sms Whatsapp status for girl friend


I Feel Something In My Heart,
It’s Like A Little Flame,
Every Time I See You,
This Flame Lights Up,
This Flame Is Special For You,
Because I Love You!


The Most Beautiful Words
By A Wounded Heart:
“I Never Stopped Loving U..
But I Just Stopped Showing U..!”


I Love To Watch You Sleep,
& Listen To Your Heartbeat..
I Love To Hear My Name On
Your Lips..
I Love To Hear Your Laugh..
I Love Looking Into Your Eyes.
I Love To Kiss On Your Lips.


Ur Look Made My Hour,
Ur Smile Made My Day,
Ur Laugh Made My Month,
Ur Touch Made My Year,
Ur Love Made My Life..!


The Day U Came In My Life,
I Felt U As My Best One..
I Judged U Not By Ur Beauty Or Tone,
Because I Felt U As My Own..
Be With Me Forever..!


I Promised You Once,
I Promise You Twice,
This Love Will Never End
That I Feel So Deep Inside,
I Loved You Yesterday And
Even More Today
And I Never Want This Feeling
To Go Away,
Baby You Are My Everything.
I Love You.


I Know Your Life Can Go On
Without Me, That You Can
Be Happy Without Me, That
You Can Survive Without Me,
But Even If You Turn Me Away,
I Will Still Choose To Stay
With You, Be Your Sweetest
Stranger Forever…!!


I Knew That Looking
Back On The Tears Would
Make Me Laugh But I
Never Knew That Looking
Back On The Laughs
Would Bring Tears….


I Doηт ωαηт D мσση
N D ѕтαяѕ!
Bυн I נυѕт ωαηт υ тσ
вє ωιD мє υηDєя Dєм
Wєη єνєяу в∂у ℓєανєѕ!


Look Me In The Eyes, And Tell
Me You Have No Feeling 4 Me
I’ll Leave You Alone 4 Good
I Still Remember How We Started
Talking You Made Me Talk About
Thing I’ve Never Told Anybody
And Then U Left! There Is Love
In My Heart Pain In My Soul!
Tears In My Eyes & Nothing Is
In My Hand..!


Remember Every Thing In
Life Is A Choice, And Every
Choice Comes With A
Consequence, Whether Good Or
Bad, Stop And Think Before
You Choose Your Consequence!


Words From A Lover For His
Love After Breakup:
“Please Do Not Turn Back
And Face Me Once More..
I Dont Have Another
Heart To Lose.!”


True Relationship  sms Whatsapp status for new relation


Gold Rates Keep On
Increasing Day By Day..
So Be Careful, One Day
It May Kidnap U..
U Are A Person With 24
Carret Golden Heart..!


Cute Propose:
Boy: Please,
Close Your Eyes For A Moment.
Girl: Ok!
Boy: Andhera Dikh Raha He Na?
Girl: Yes.
Boy: That Is My Life Without You…..


U Are My Bank Of Happiness..
U Are My Sleeping Pills
For Peace Of Mind..
U Are My Confidence
For Down In Life..
U Are My Heart


My Teacher Taught Me That..
1 Hour = 60 Minute..
1 Minute = 60 Second..
She Never Told Me That,
1 Second Without “U” Is
Equal To 100 Years..!


When I Give U Time It
Means Im Givng U A
Portion Of My Life Tht
I Wll Neva Get Back…
So Dnt Waste My Time ?
I Want To Make It
Beautiful Only Vid U


Luv Is Like A Cloud..
Luv Is Like A Dream..
Luv Is 1 Word & Everything In Between..
Luv Is A Fairytale Come True..
Coz I Found Luv When I Found U..!


You Don’t Love Me, Do You?
You Don’t Care For Me,
Do You? See? You Can’t Even Answer..
I’m Letting You Go Now..
Why? Cause I Have Done Everything To
Have You And You?
You Have Done Nothing And Yet
You Have Me….


I May Be Too Stupid To
Know What Love Is
I May Not Show You Love
The Way You Know
I May Be Not Love You
The Way It Should Be
But I Will Tell You Right Now
Im Loving You The
Best Way I Know How.


Today And Always,
Beyond Tomorrow,
I Need You Beside Me,
Always As My Best Friend,
Lover And Forever
Soul Mate..


I Love You So Much, I Love
Your Every Touch My Love
For You Is So Immense
It Just Puts Me So Intense
Thinking About You All The
Being Glad That Your Mine.


Mere Ansoo Aapke Liye Ek
Wada Ho, aapka Gam Ek Tinke
Se Bhi Adha Ho.. Dua Hai
Aap Jitni Zndgi Jeeye
Khusi Se Jeeye, Bas Aapki
Umar Meri Zndgi Se Jayada Ho..!


Hindi Cute Relationship sms Whatsapp status for lover


Aap Bhool Jao Ye Aapki Marzi,
Magar Hum Apni Akhri Saans
Tak Aapko Bhool Na Payenge..
Wada Karte Hain Aapse Hum
Mar Bhi Jaye To, Sabse
Jayada Aapko Rulayenge..!


When I Was Walking Alone,
I Wished That I Can Reach
The End Of The Road..
But When U R Walking With Me,
I Wish The Road Never Ends..


When I Am Glad,
You Are In My Smile..
When I Am Sad,
You Are In My Tears..
When I Am Walking,
You Are In My Steps..
When I Am Sleeping,
You Are In My Dreams..
I Love You !!


Biggest Pain In Life Is
To Sit Infront Of The Person
U Loved A Lot & He/she Is
Crying Infront Of U For The
Person He/she Loved…


A Smile Makes Us Look
Younger.. While Prayers
Make Us Feel Stronger..
And Frnds, They Make Us
Enjoy Life Forever..!


My Eyes Are Hurting Coz
I Cant See U,
My Arms R Empty Coz
I Cant Hold U,
My Lips Are Cold Coz
I Cant Kiss U &
My Heart Is Breaking Coz
Im Not With U..!


Years Ago I Knew You
It Seems So Long Ago
When I Was Young As You Were Too
All Those Years Before
As If You Never Left Me
You Never Left My Side
As If Time Never Passed.


Every Little Smile Can
Touch Somebodies Heart..
No One Is Born Happy..
All Of Us Are Born With The
Ability To Creat Happiness..!


Still I Cannot Believe I
Am Standing Alone Here,
Without You I Am Surrounded
By Fear, Because Without
You I Am Not Whole, And No
One Else Can Play Your Role.


Boy & Girl Walking In The Park..
Boy: Can I Hold Your Hand?
Girl: Why.?
Do You Think I Would Run Away.!
Boy: No.. I Just Wanna See,
How It Feels Walking In
Heaven With An Angel My Side…


Nobody Knows Me, The Way U Do..
Nobody Can Read My Eyes,
The Way U See.. No Body Can
Feel My Soul, The Way U Touch..
No Body Owns My Heart,
The Way U Hold. Nobody, But You.


My Message Is Just Like Rain..
One Day It Will Increase
One Day It Will Decrease..
Maybe One Day It Will Disappear..
Never Dies..
Anytime It May Come Back..!

True Relationship Messages Whatsapp status


I Love U
Time Will Not Change This
As I Know It Will Not
Change Ur Love For Me.
I Can Not Ask For Anything
More Than Ur Love Because
I Never Thought I Would Ever
Receive As Much As I Have
With U Be My Big Love.


Ask My Eyes To
Stop Looking At You..
Ask My Brain To
Stop Thinking About You..
Ask My Imagination To
Stop Dreaming About You..
Ask My Heart To
Stop Beating..
Ask Me Everything…
But Don’t U Ever Stop
Me From Loving You..


Sweet I M But Honey Is You
Image Is Mine But Colors Are You
Poet I Am But Poem Is You
Flower Is Me But Fragrance Is You
Happy I Am But Reason Is You.


No Greeting Card To Give..
No Sweet Flowers To Send..
No Cute Graphic To Forward..
Just A Loving Heart..!


The Height Of Pain In Life
Is To Sit Near The Person
U Love.. Knowing That
Person Can Never Be Urs..!


U Are Unique..
U Are Caring..
U Are The Best..
And, I Am The Luckest To Have
U In My Life..


My Heart Knows To
Love Only You…..
I Love You My Angel
And Always Will,
I Loved You Then And
I Love You Still.


If I Am All You Want And
All You Care For… Then
Look In Your Heart, I Am
Already Yours. With You
By My Side, I Am Total And
Complete You And I Always
In Love And Forever Together…


Don’t Know
Where I Stand With You.
And I Don’t Know
What I Mean To You.
All I Know Is Every Time
I Think Of You,
I Want To Be With You.


Always And Forever
I Just Want You To Know.
I Will Always Be There
For You, No Matter How
Far You Go..


How can I ever Arrange My Words to Say;
How Special U Are To Me..
You are the Theme of My Life..
You are the Beloved Prince..
You are My Love..
You are in My Memories..
You are in My Happiness..
You are in My All Acceptance..


Your First Mistake Was
Leaving Me.
Your Second Mistake Was
Giving Me The Chance To Realize
I Could Live Without You.


Sweet Relationship sms Whatsapp status


Tears Pouring Out Of My Eyes
When I Remember Your Fragrance
It Hurt Me Lot..
Why Did You Leave Me Like This?
Today You Stay So Far To
Me Never Can Be Reach..


I Know Your Life Can Go On
Without Me, That You Can Be
Happy Without Me, That You
Can Survive Without Me,
But Even If You Turn Me
Away, I Will Still Choose
To Stay With You, Be Your
Sweetest Stranger Forever…!!


Hey, Whts Wrong With Ur
Cell. I Tried Calling U
Lots Of Time. Everytime
I Dial Ur No. It Says D
Person U R Calling Is
Already In Ur Heart:):-)


I Love U
Not Because Of What U Have
But Because Of What I Feel..
I Care For U
Not Because U Need Care But
Because I Want 2..
I Am Always Here For U
Not Because I Want U To Be
With Me But Because I
Want To Be With U..


My Hands Never Have Pain
When Typing SMS For You,
But My Heart Always
In Pain When There Is No
Reply For Me!


If A Kiss Was A Raindrop,
I Would Send You A Shower,
If A Hug Was A Second,
I Would Send You An Hour,
If A Smile Was Water,
I Would Send You The Sea,
If You Need Love,
I Would Send You Me!!!



Looking Into Your Eyes
I Can See Beauty,
Looking Into Your Soul
I Can See Passion,
Looking Into Your Mind
I Can See Intelligence,
But Looking Into Your Heart
I Can See The World.


You Are The Beat Of My Heart..
You Are The Love Of My Life..
I Promise I Will Always
Love You Till My Last Breath..
I Promise I Will Never Leave
You Alone I Just Wanna Spend
Mine Whole Life With You..


As We Grow Older Together,
As We Continue To Change
With Age, There Is One Thing
That Will Never Change…
I Will Always Keep Falling
In Love With You Love..


Walking Alone Is Not Difficult..
but After Having “Walked Miles
With Someone” “Coming Back
Alone” Is More Difficult..!!!


Its Difficult To Wait For
Someone.. Its Difficult To
Forgot Someone.. But The
Most Difficult Is To Decide
Whether To Wait Or To
Forget Someone..


No Matter How Many Times
You Get Hurt.. You Always
Forgive Them.. Someone
Call It Stupidity.
Someone Call It Love.


Lovely Relationship  sms Whatsapp status for lover


Kisses Heal Better Than Any
Band Aid..
Hugs Warm U Deeper Than
Any Blanket..
A Shoulder Takes Away Ur
Tears Faster Than Any Tissue..!


Come Let Me Love You,
Let Me Give My Life To You
Let Me Drown In Your Laughter,
Let Me Die In Your Arms
Let Me Lay Down Beside You,
Let Me Always Be With You
Come Let Me Love You,
Come Love Me Again.


Its Nice Whn Som1 Holds
N Umbrella 4 U Undr D Rain
Bt Its Nicr Whn Som1 Holds
Ur Hand & Togthr V Run
Crazily Undr Th Rain.


Its Useless To Show How
Much U Damnn Care For
Someone.. When That Person
Is Too Busy Getting Someone
Elses Attention..!


For Sale One Heart In
Horrible Condition..
Will Take Nothing For It..
Plz Just Cut It Out Of My
Chest And End This Suffering..!


Targets Must Be Simple
And Challengable..
Thoughts Must Be Pure &
Positive.. Then Life
Will Always Be Meaningful
And Beautiful..!


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