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Every time I explore your eyes.
It makes ME notice, i do know we tend to belong along.
And I need to be with you forever,
I know it had been fate that you simply are my lover,
You are that somebody my only 1


If love is bless why will it hurt,if love is heat why can we shiver
if love is deep why will it burn,if love is truth why can we cry,
if love is forever why can we die.


I believe that God on top of created you on behalf of me to like.he picked you out from all the remainder cause he knew i will love you the effectively


The length and height of you,total up to quite read
but to style truth delight of you,I’ll have to be compelled to take a bite of you.


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Love is once you don’t wish to travel to sleep
because reality is the best than a dream.


After an Emotional hug
Girl same to the boy:
if you hug ME over again like that,
I will be Yours forever.
Boy: Thanks for the warning.


If ten persons care for you, one among them is ME, if one person cares for you that might be ME once more, if no one cares for you which means i m not during this world.


Life ends once you stop dreaming, hope ends once you stop believing and love ends once you stop caring. thus dream hope and love…Makes Life lovely.


When time comes for you to offer Ur heart to some1, confirm you choose some1 WHO can never break Ur heart, because broken hearts has never spare elements.


Love is simply like life,it’s not perpetually simple and doesn’t perpetually bring happiness.but once we don’t stop living why ought to we stop loving .


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