Deep Relationship Messages, Best Whatsapp Status SMS

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Relationship Status for whatsapp


If someone would ask me what is love,
I probably wouldn,t know what to answer…
But maybe love is when you change world around you for her,
when you forgive her and continue to love.


Happiness is like perfume.
it you drop it on others,
you will also feel the fragrance.
So keep spreading happiness to others.
It will surely make you happy..



The most AWESOME & HAPPENIN lines said by a lover:
“My heart s mine..
But whenever I argue with it abt u,
it always takes your side.



One stone is enough 2 break a glass,
1 sentence enough 2 break a hear,
1 second enough 2 fall in love,
and 1 sms enough 2 keep relations.



Think positive, look at the world as one huge chocolate cake.
It would not be complete without a few sweets and nuts.
Sweets like me and nuts like you!



Its easy to say I LOVE U
but hard to get love from the one u love,
its easy to say I HATE U
but hard to hate the ONE whom u love.



Loverz r fantastic
Best frnds r awesme
But wen bth r d sme person!!!
There r no wrds 2 explain
Its simply amazin nd out of dis wrld.



In my life I learned how 2 love,
2 smile,
2 B happy,
2 B strong,
2 work hard,
2 B honest,
2 B faithful,
2 forgive.
But I couldnt learn how 2 forget U.



U are the treasure that i see u are
close to me but i did not no,the
luv i been searching for many year
was right beside me but i did feel it,
when i close my eye,i see u comming 2 me.



All gifts are to receive but only one has
different , that is ,,
Love is a gift that is to be received
and give back.


Deep Relationship Messages, Best Whatsapp Status SMS


Fact of life :-By the time u realize
what your parents said was right….
you will have a kid who begins to think u r wrong.



Anyone who stops learning is old.
Whatever the Age who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young..



Just 3 steps 2
Enjoy life
1.ConTRol Urself
2.Look for ALTernative solution
3.DELete the situation which give you tension….



Full stop is not a real end,
Because we can form a sentence after that.
Like that in life,
Failure is not the real end,
It is the real beginning of success.



The beauty of life does not depend
on how much HAPPY U r
but Its totally depend on
how many others r HAPPY because of U.



A beautiful girl can not gv u a beautiful future,
Bt a butiful future can gv u a butiful girl.
So bright ur future.



A good heart and a good nature are two different issues,
A good heart can win many relationships,
But a good nature can win many good hearts.


The candle of hope is the source of light for success in life
so do not loose it.
Failures try to blow it out but try to guard it with both your hands.
Best Wishes and Good Luck to You.


Whether It Is Night Or Day, I Keep
Thinking About You The Whole Day,
Wish I Could Be With You 24/7,
With You I Feel Like I Am In
Heaven, Darling I Love You So Much,
Feels So Good On Your Loving Touch.



You Are My True Angel, My Dear,
With You Around, There Is A Lot
To Cheer, I Feel Myself When
I Am With You, My Love For You
Is Infinite And True, Love You!


whatsapp status and relationship sms for girl friend


You Are The Girl With The Sunshine
Smile, Your Voice Is Like A Ray
Of Hope, You Fill My Life With
All The Rainbow Colors, Girl,
To Me You Are No Less Than
An Angel From Heaven. I Love You.



You Are The Most Amazing Person
I Have Ever Met. You Make
The World A Better Place To
Live In. I Feel So Lucky To
Be Loved By Someone Like You



When You Smiled You Had My
Attention, When You Laughed,
I Laughed With You, When
You Cried, I Wanted To
Hold You, When You Said You
Loved Me, You Had My Heart.



No Matter How You Are Far Or Near
You Are, The Important Thing Is
I Kept You In My Heart, For Me
You Are A Gift From Heaven, A True
Friend That I Shall Never Forget.



Life Is Beautiful
One Day,One Hour, One Minute.
Will Not Come Again
Plz Avoid Fight Plz Avoid Anger Speak Politely To Every Person
And Spread Ur Smile…!


Wen U R closer 2 me,
I can feel your heart beat
I can hear U breathing in my ear


A boy saw his g.f sitting hands in hands wid anothr boy.
He cam home n msg hs gf
“I saw ur duplicate in d cofe shop 2day”
Luv n trust hv no Limits!!



A candle may melt
and its fire may die,
but the love you have given me
will always stay as a flame in my heart.



Do not store dreams in your eyes,
they may roll down with tears,
store them in ur heart,
each heart beat will inspire u to fulfill them.



The world suffers a lot. Not because
of the violence of bad people, But because of
the silence of good people!


Deep Relationship, Whatsapp Status SMS for Her


There are a lot of birds whispering only about you,
you should once listen to them,
then you would know how much I love you



Simple Bye makes us cry,
Simple Bye makes us cry,
Simple joke makes us Laugh,
Simple care makes us fall in Luv,
Simple Touch makes us feel better,
But i hope my simple MSG makes u smile!



I was all alone against the world, Searching for a safe place outside, When we met, my heart twirled, Now I have your arms to confide, When things were wrong all over, only you gave me will to survive, ? Promise me that we will stay together, Coz only your love can keep me alive..!!



The Leaves May Forget The Tree..
The Flowers May Forget The Bee..
Or Even U May Forget Me..
But I Will Never Ever Forget U..
Bcoz U Are Very Special To Me..!



Everyone Wants To Be The Sun That Lights Up Ur Life..
But I Will Rather Be Ur Moon..
So I Can Shine On U During Ur Darkest Hours..
When Ur Sun Isnt Around..!



Loneliness Is A Special Enjoyment..
When Choosen By Ourself..
But Hard To Digest..
When Gifted By Others..!



If Someone Is Trying To Impress U..
One Thing Is Sure
That Person Is Already Impressed By U..!



Love knows no reasons love knows
Love knows no reasons love knows no lies,love defies all reasons love has no eyes… But love is not blind, Loves all but does not mind…..


People Like U Are Found Only Once In A Life Time..
So U Better Take Care Of your self..
I Dont Want To Waste Another Life Time To Find A Sweet One As U..!


Boys Heart Is Like Mobile..
And Girls Heart Is Like A Water..
Now Either Water Falls On Mobile
Or Mobile Falls In Water..
Damage To Mobile Ka Hi Hoga..!



Real relationship Messages, Status for whatsapp


I Really Dont Know Whats Wrong With U..
But I Know One Thing For Sure..
That No Matter How Much U Hate Me..
I Cant Stop Loving U..!



Love Is Like A Lump Of Gold..
Hard To Get And Hard To Hold..
Of All The Boys I Have Ever Met..
U Are The One I Cant Forget..
I Do Believe That God Above..
Created U For Me To Love..
He Choose U From All The Rest..
Bcoz He Knew I Would Love U Best..!



I Knew That Looking Back On The Tears..
Would Make Me Laugh..
But I Never Knew That Looking Back On The Laughs..
Would Bring Tears..!



It Is Easy To Say
I Love U..
But Hard To Get Love
From The One U Love..
Its Easy To Say I Hate U..
But Hard To Hate The One
Whom U Love..!



Single Is Not A Status..
But Its A Word That Describes A Person..
Who Is Strong Enough To Live
And Enjoy Life Without Depending On Others,!



My Msg Is Just Like Rain..
One Day It Will Increase
One Day It Will Decrease..
Maybe One Day It Will Disappear..
But Never Dies..
Anytime It May Come Back..!



Love Is Not A Collection Of Message..
It Is Selection Of Hearts..
No One Is Born Happy..
But All Of Us Are Born With The Ability
To Create Happiness..!



Sometimes In Our Life We Play With Love..
But When The Times Comes And U Finally Realize..
That U Want To Get Serious..
Then Love Plays With Ur Life..!



The Worst Feeling In The World Is..
When U Cant Love Anyone Else..
Bcoz Ur Heart Still Belongs To The One..
Who Broke It..!



When My Heart Flutters And Skips A Beat..
When My Face Turn Warm And Cheeks Turn Red..
When I Cant Think.Cant Speak..Cant Breath..
I Know U Are Near..!



Heart touching relationship Messages, status for whatsapp


U Are Far Away
Yet So Close..
Our Heart Are Apart
Yet They Are One..
Our Memories Are Whole
They Keep Us Together..
Our Love Is Strong
It Gives Us Strength..
I Miss U And I Love U
With All My Heart..!



Whenever I Miss U
Stars Fall Down From The Sky..
So Any Day If U Find The Sky Empty..
Don’t Blame Me
Its All Ur Fault..
U Made Me Miss U So Much..!



Forget Who Hurt U Yesterday..
But Don’t Forget Who Loves U Tenderly Today And Everyday..
U Cant Buy Love
But U Can Pay Heavily For It..!



how can i 4get u…….
because u r my first luv……
but u 4get me…….
but now am alone n dis world with ur thoughts



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