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Be careful oncea lady tells u that she loves u from very cheap of her heart. For this could mean that there’s still enough housefor one more boy on top!


Life is just about unpredictable. I’ll not live long enough however I won’t miss out property you recognize that life is value living with somebody such as you around.


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A mobile is like girls – Talks non-stop,
costs a fortune, disturbs once u r busy and
when u want them desperately they need no service.


1+1=2 eyes verify you.
12+12=24 hours wondering you.
3+4=7 days in week missing you.
1+11=12 months I forever want
A SWEET PERSON such as you.


If I can be any a part of you, I’d be your tear. To be planned in your heart, born in your eyes, live to tell the tale your cheeks, and die on your lips.


Those innocent eyes, those kissable lips, a good smile the right walk, smoothest speak, absolute beautiful, this enough bout r you ?
I idolized somebody dearly however my heart stone-broke in several items, currently each bit loves somebody and other people call ME a flirt


You deserve the planet jaan. however sadly I can’t provide you with that. What I will do is give you future neatest thing.
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I miss that hug,
I miss being with u,
I miss your speak,
I miss happy with u,
I miss your soft hand,
I miss that kiss,
Shortly I miss you

I simply referred to as to mention I Love U



Don’t show most of affection
on anyone
it creates a non-curable pain
when they avoid you.


Boy : Hi
Girl : What ?
Boy : however square measure you ?
Girl : Do i do know you ?
Boy : i am wealthy.
Girl : Hi, I’m jojo, I’m 20, nice to fulfill you !
Boy : no no, “Rich” is my name !
Girl : Sorry i do not discuss with boys.


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