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Love is Associate in Nursing illusion
Its a extremely dependency disorder
of weak hearted folks
People with robust hearts
believe in flirt..





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Boss hangs a billboard in workplace
‘I am the boss, do not forget’

He returns from lunch,
finds a mistake on his table,
your adult female known as, she desires her poster back home..!!’

Dad’s writes on son’s facebook wall:

Dear Son, how ARE you? All area unit fine here. we have a tendency to miss you plenty.

Please shut down the pc and come to down for dinner.



Most victorious
Happy married life is
Defined as.
“Yet to be seen”



The Law Says
If you Can’t persuade somebody, Confuse Them!
Do you understand that Law It Is?
This Is “The law Of respondent inquiry”.




Actually I have a statement to create
ever since I met u its been exhausting on behalf of me to 4get u
every night I see u in my dreams
and realize myself shouting




Santa: My partner may be a more careful driver.
Banta: however do you understand that?
Santa: She continually slows down once passing a red light!



Positive thinking poem:

Little bird within the sky

Dropping shit into your eye

U don’t worry u don’t cry,

U simply impart God that,

Cows don’t fly




Always be positive

Job applications currently a days square measure like:

We square measure trying to find somebody aged

22-26 with thirty years of expertise

Height Of Girl’s Intelligence
Girl Calls the assistance table To Complain A
Computer drawback..
Girl: “When I kind laptop
Password, It simply Shows Star Star
* * *.. Whats the Hell ??
Help Desk: “Mam, Those Stars square measure To
Protect You, so If an individual Standing
Behind you, They Can’t browse
Your Password…”
Girl: ” Aww yea,
But Stars seem Even once
There Is nobody Standing Behind ME.


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