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Man is the most kind person in the world, they can marry a girl
without any condition.
But a women dont marry a man without any condition.

Women : Mixed Horlicks with milk to make milk stronger.

cow saying : then why give me grazz , feed me Horlicks .
how much eat complan or horlickes will not  grow more if you dont




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Money is such a one kind of thing,
when you keeps it at house its called storing,
when keeps it at wife its called shoping.
when giving to your children called dating.



can be heard, creator has created a girl for each boy, then where is
mine,I think she has committed suicide.
Boy : I Love you.
Girl : by Swating the boy, what say you?
Boy : if you didn’t listen what i told, then why you swat me?


A man Goes to the police headquarters along with his Head harm badly .
SHO : What Happened ?
Man : my partner Hit ME !!
SHO : Why ?
Man : Her parents came to visit, She asked ME to induce one thing from Outside for them.
I brought a Taxi


A man precocious his partner a diamond
necklace for his or her day of remembrance,and his
wife didnt speak to him for six
months,why ..?
That was the deal..!! tongue facial expression.


Boy: does one have Cards with sentimental Love quotes?
Shopkeeper: Buckeye State positive..! however concerning this card, it says “To the sole woman I ever wanted.!”
Boy: Thats smart, offer ME twelve of them..!



A little boy asked his father, “Daddy, what proportion will it price to induce married?”
Father replied, “I do not know son, i am still paying…


When you become extremely near to somebody, you’ll hear their voice in your head once you browse their texts…

Respecting a lady is a lot of stunning than telling her she is gorgeous…

I am requesting a feature to WhatsApp adore it ought to have one thing like
“Is on-line & watching your profile right now”



Announcement In University:
“The Students UN agency Have position Their Cars On The private road, Please Move Them”
Anothr Anouncement once twenty Minutes:
“The two hundred Students UN agency visited Move nine Cars Please come To Their several Classes”



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