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Let the most beautiful dream Come U tonight Let the sweetest person come in ur sleep tonight, but do not become habit it bcoz i am not free every night.


Somewhere beneath the pale moonlight someone thinks of you somewhere out there where dreams come true … good night and sweet dreams are made for you.


In childhood is we cry aloud to get what we like .. When we grow cried silently to forget what we like .That’s life .. Good night !!!


The sun has gone to bed, the stars rule the sky. The gentle evening breeze scripts for you whisper sweet and gentle push your eyes to sleep. Good night and sweet dreams !!!




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One day it will end again. It’s good to have a friend like U do my everyday seems so great. Thanks to my good friend lastly gd T n night sweet dreams.


A shining angel stands beside your silken bed, calling your  name so softly, throwing flowers at you and saying good night and sweet dreams !!!!


I am sending my bed to let you sleep.sending my bed so you can rest, to give you comfort feel and blanket to keep warm. Sweet Dreams good night! Deep sleep.


Never lose the first opportunity, for the second time it will be much harder than the first! .good Night !!!


Let not the little things get you down. You have many great reasons to look to God and say thank you tonight. Tomorrow, it will be a great day.


Sleep touches the heart and soul. It is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality. Hope you? i have the sweetest dream this night? Good Night!


Sun will not be red, sea not be blue , I can not be happy, without disturbing you. Good night !!!


Wealth is not earning more, spend more or save mode when you need wealth is no more.Good night!!


On this cold cold night, in my small little room, I look at the bright shining star in the dark dark sky and dream of your sweet sweet smile on her pretty cute face! Goodnight!


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