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Cute lines which truly Hurts:
She changed my every bad habit by loving me all the time
Finally she lefts me,
Saying that you Are changed.. !



Too often we don’t realize what we have until it’s Gone.
Too often we’re too stubborn to say, ‘Sorry, I was wrong’.
Too often it seems we hurt the ones closest to our hearts,
We Let the most Foolish Things Tear us Apart.. !



A Lover’s Quote After Breakup-
“There were tough times
when we both kept Quiet but never more than one day..
I noted her faults point by point,
but failed to trace a bad remark about me in her record
‘n that made all the Difference”..



Touching Lines By True Lover:

“Even Though You Never Loved Me
I Always Kept Smiling Because
I didnt Want People To Blame You
As A Reason Behind My Tears.. !



A teenage girl’s first crush is . . . well, crushing.
Her body isn’t hers, nor is her mind.
She finds herself shivering, shaking, blushing,
Weak, tormented, sick, and going blind.
And why? Because some guy might look her way,
Then cast his eyes as quickly to the ground;
Some special one, for reasons she can’t say,
Whose voice makes her feel faint when he’s around.
But now my crush on you has been returned,
And so the two of us stand on some brink:
It can’t be love so young, and yet we’ve learned
Love does its will, no matter what we think.
Slowly, slowly now–we mustn’t rush:
Let’s enjoy this first sweet teenage crush.




These Lines Are Hard To Understand
But Are So Damn True…

“Once You Lose Someone,
Its Never Exactly The Same Person Who Comes Back”…

“Success Also Hurts,
When You Don’t Have A Loved One To Wish You”…

“Failure Also Looks Beautiful,
When You Have A Loved One To Support You”.. !



A Lovely Relation Should Have The Determination
Like A Mirror…Which Never Loses Its Ability To Reflect
Even If It Is Broken Into Thousand Pieces..!




Best Reply For Denying A Proposal:
“I Like You A Lot
Love Is Something That Gives Pain
‘n I Cant See You In Pain… !



A hurted heart is like small baby
which can only cry but it wont be able
to express its feelings.
So dont hurt anybody in life who cares for ‘U’ a LOT..!


Latest Broken heart sms

An Inspiring Fact:
If You Can Still Smile
When you are Completely Broken Up,
There Can be Nothing
That Can Break you Next Time!



If the person you love doesn’t love you back,
Just Imagine that you are the letter “E” in the word “LOVE”-
You are there but never Pronounced..!! 🙁




Height Of “Bad Luck”
A Boy ‘n Girl Met Last Time For Their Break Up.
Girl’s Father Caught them…
Now They Are Married Couple..!! 🙂



You left me broken ‘n walked away leaving me cryin..
I waited for you but you never came back…
Though you were my true love..
but time helped me knowing you beter..
I wish you never changed ‘n we Moved
our life like we used to..but you.. you.. ‘n
you..can never take the same place you had in my heart before..!



It’s a horrible thing
to see your lost love walk past you with another girl,
and it’s the worst thing to know that
you made a mistake in letting him go.


_______Broken heart sms__________

They say no matter how dark the night is,
The sun always rises again…
I say lost love makes one realize that
no matter how bright the day is,
the sun will always set again…!



I am not sad because
It is Over
I am glad because It was once mine..!



I Woke Up This Morning

Just Befo’ The Break Of Day.

I Was Bitter, Blue And Black, Lawd.

There Ain’t Nothing Else To Say..




Guess i have to learn
To move on because its obvious
I’m not good enough for him



I don’t hate you, I never could.
I don’t regret meeting you, I neverwill .
But I do regret our relationship.
It destroyed the best thing we had,
our friendship .
All I could wish for at the moment is
to have back what we lost ..!




funny Breakup sms

Girl:I hate u get lost, I Don’t wanna talk to you,
This relationship is over-

Boy:what happnd??
I didn’t look up with any girl, I love only you..!

Girl:Shut up, i don’t wanna be with you,
you didn’t ‘Like’ my status on facebook ..!


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