Latest cool sms for best friend

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Boy :Do you love me more than ur family ?
Girl :No
Boy :Why ?
Girl :okay Listen dis.
when i started to walk I fell, u were not there to pick me up. but my mom was.
When i went outside, you were not there to hold my finger. but my dad was
When i cried,u didn’t gave me your toys to play,but my brother n sister did.
My family is more precious than anything else 🙂



“If you really want to do something,
you will find a way.
If u don’t,
You will find an excuse.”




“Skills r started with learning
Mastered with Improvements
Nothing is Hereditary Except Death!!” 🙂



The difference between
inside & outside d ‘College’ gate is..?

We played life inside
Life plays with us Outside.!

Enjoy Every Moment While You are still inside 🙂



Tips for a Blissful Life:

LIVE widout pretending,
LOVE widout depending,
LISTEN widout defending,
SPEAK widout offending…!! 🙂



I know lots of people hate me
because i am 2 bad


few people surely love me
because they know that
my little goodness is not fake.


Latest cool sms for best friend


My Care Will Be
In The Heart,
Not In Words..
My Anger Will Be
In Words,
Not In The Heart !!



Everybody seems to
be SPECIAL at first sight,
But only the SPECIAL ones
maintain their level of dignity
till the last sight of the life.



Try To Present Yourself
That You Are Happy
Slowly It Becomes Your Habit
Finally It Becomes Your Character.



>1 Day will Increase
>1 Day will Decrease
>Other Day may not be seen

So Don’t Worry 4 Anything.
All Iz Well. Keep 🙂


Latest cool sms for best friend


‘Life is everything’
when the person u love misses u in your absence..
but ‘life is nothing’ When
they miss to understand your importance in your presence.



Negative Thinking Is As Importnt
As Creative Thinking
If Creative Thinking Invents Aeroplane
Den Negative Thinking Invents Parachute.



No sound in this world can be
more louder than silence,
If any one can understand ur
silence,they can never
misunderstand ur words.!!


Sensible Lines:
“I have learned to care people too much..,
Not because they are good.
Because I knew the pain of being ignored…”


Latest cool sms for girl friend


Always give a call to ur loved ones!
No matter how busy u are…
This will develop a sense of
responsibility and care between u!



A Mind Blowing Quote Perfect 4 Everyone..!!

*Twice I Did Good,But Dat I Heard Never.

Once I Did Bad Nd Dat I Heard 4ever…*



Man cn Nvr Forget 2 Face in his whole Life….
-D 1 Who HOLDS his hand in Difficult Time.
-D other Who LEAVES Him Alone in Difficult Time


Latest cool sms for  girl friend


Lovely Relations Are Like a Ring,
If We Wear It,
It’ll Hold Our Finger Tightly..
If We Remove It,
It’ll Surely Make Us To Feel Its Absnce..



Chand ke liye sitare hazaro honge,

magar sitaro ke liye chand ek hai,

aap ke liye loog hazaro honge,

magar hamare liye aap ek hain.



Lakeer Nahi Muhobbat Ki Mere Haatho Me Ya Rub
Ab To Muje Ishq Ke Anjaam Se Dar Lagta Hai
Gunaah Hai Agar Muhobbat Gunehgaar Hu Mai Ya Rub
Ab To Ishq Me Naakam Hone Se Dar Lagta Hai…



Shayed Keh Woh Likh Dey Tumhy Mery Haq Mein,

Tum Katib-E-Taqdeer Sy Zara Israar Tou Karo…


Latest cool sms in Hindi


Zara kam rootha kro ye zindagi itni
taveel nahi….!!


Be itbar si Mout Hai na jany
kab a jay!!!



Shaguftaa loag bhi tootay huwe hotay
hain andar sey..

Bohat routay hain woh jinko lateefay yaad
hotay hAin..!!



Tere ishq ki inteha chahta hun”
“Meri saadgi dekh me kya chahta
Ek shaks ne



Haath Main Haath Un Ka Yun Aaya,
Zindagi Mere Haath Lag Gai Ho Jaise…



Kaash aisa ho ki tumko tumse chura loon,
waqt ko rok kar waqt se ek din chura loon,
tum paas ho to is raat se ek raat chura loon,
tum saath ho to is jahan se ye jahan chura loon.



Teri wafaoun ka samandar kisi or ky liye ho ga
Hum to roz tery sahil se piyasy guzar jaty hain


cool sms for best friend


Tu Apne Fun Se Meri Chahat Ko Azma K Dekh
Main Toot’ta Hun Tu Phir Se Mujhe Bana K Dekh
Tere Badan Main Lahu Ban K Dorta Hun Main
Tujhe Anaa Ki Qasam Hy Mujhe Bhula K Dekh
Main Itnay Dard Main B Qeh’Qey Lagata Hun
Tu Ek Dukh Main Mujhe Sirf Muskura K Dekh
Tujhe To Man Ne Hmesha Manaya Hy Lekin
Main Aaj Rooth
Chala Hun Mujhe Mana K Dekh . . .


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