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It does not mean , what i have done for you. It just a matter of love what i do.just say with me the rest of my life.


It is not a matter you have done for me which makes me love you, it is the joys of who you are and the delight you bring!


i can die for you but i can’t live without you.


love is not all about money but how much love you create in your heart for a woman.


Love is a golden chains between two hearts and it sweet to find your true love.


Love is not sexual, but sexual is the part of the love.
Love is forever, no half love.


I love you because you are my everything darling and I just love to being with you darling.


Love is Easy to start hard to end impossible to forget so don’t love anyone.


Do Not try to find out love. let love finds you.


Love Is Boundless, it has No actual Size ,Its Heavier Than What Could Be


Love is Organic, it Growths. Love is Metamorphic, its New Ever now and then. Its

Complex A Felling,even Kings,longs For It.I Love You. Baby!!,i Mean It!.


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Best collection of  latest Romantic Love sms and messages for lover.




love is a language that only heart can understand!


Innocent  love comes silently, without banners or flashing lights. “If you hear siren, get your ears checked..

Love is the feeling that teach u to do patience in life.


Love is not part of body.
It is the part of happiness,
Part of blessing and new hope.


love is alike a war what is easy to start but  hard to  stop.

If love is the greatest, and there r no greater things, then what i feel for you must be the greatest..!!!


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