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Here is no cause,
no any kind of question,
no answer, no logic why I love YOU.


When I came beyond  the feeling of love,
everything seems Nice and I fell in love with all things.


Between all the thorns of life,
love is just like a wonderful red rose.


I pleasure  I could express you about my emotions,
in the morning, at mid night, when I take meal, during sleep,
in enjoyment and in sorrowfulness. I just want to tell you that I love you.


3 words could change my life.
I can do everything just to hear those 3 words.
Please tell me that YOU LOVE ME.
Between billions and millions of peoples,
I choose only one person.
The person I want to be my life partner. It is You, My True Love.


No matter which step of life you are at now.
If you are in love, it will keep you young and stronger.


I wish to love you every seceond of life.
Together we are alike a strong chain and I think it never crack or demolish ever.


I thought of you and in my tantsy I hugged you,
kissed you and said I love you.
Would you please accept me to live that fantasy?


I touch hot, secqure HappY and exceptional in your wings.
I want to stay close your heart whole life.


When I thinking of you I can touch pain in my heart and smoke of burning nightmare.
You were my painful past and the misplaced point.


Your support gives me energy to face my trouble and helps me going on.
Your smiling face makes me stronger and your love gives me feeling of completeness.
Many Many Thank you My Love! For being here with me every moment.


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