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Lovely relationship sms whatsapp status


Walking Away Has Nothing To
Do With Weakness, But Everything
To Do With Strength!
Because Sometimes We Have To
Run Away From The People We
Love. Not Because We Want Them
To Realize Our Worth, But For
Us To Realize Our Own Worth…


Do You Know What Hurts
The Most…?
Its When Someone Made You
Feel Part Of Their Life
Yesterday.. But Made You
Feel That You Are The Most
Unwanted Person Today…!!!


Heart Is Empty Without Love.
Mind Is Empty Without Wisdom.
Eyes Are Empty Without Dreams.
& Life Is Empty Without U.


Sweet I Am..
But Honey Is You
Image Is Mine..
But Color Are You
Flower Is Me..
But Fragrance Is You
Happy I Am..
But Reason Is You
I Love You..


Whenever I Think Of U
This Question Comes To
My Mind Why Couldnt
U Love Me Dear ?
Im Still Thinking Of You.


U Can Hear Ur Name A Million Times.. But,
One Person Makes It Sound Special..
U Can Say A Million Names..
There Is One That Is Special..!


Life Is A Story Written
By Gods Hand.. I Do Not
Know How You Got Into My Story..
But I Pray You Stay In It,
Until God Writes My Last Chapter.


Love Can Touch Just One Time.. But,
It Can Last For A Lifetime..
I Cant Show U I Love U..
Time Will Show U How Much
I Love U..!


I Promised You Once, I Promise
You Twice, This Love Will Never
End That I Feel So Deep Inside,
I Loved You Yesterday And Even
More Today And I Never Want This
Feeling To Go Away, Sweetheart
You Are My Everything. I Love You


Some People Can Be So Close To You Even If Physically Far, They Walk With You And Stay Near In Every Moment Of Your Life.


I Promise To Listen When You Talk, And Hold You Close As We Walk, So Give Your Hand In Mine Forever, As We Start Our New Life Together..


If U Love Me.. Show Me Its Depth. If U Hate Me.. Show Me Its Height. If U Cry For Me..
Sink Me In The Depth Of Ur Eyes.. If U Live For Me.. Take Me In Ur Arms..
Forever If U Can.


Love relationship sms whatsapp status for her


Smile Is Tha First Language Of Love. Smile Is The Mirror Of Personality Smile Is The Second Name Of Life Smile
Is The Symbol Of Happiness So, Keep Smiling Always.


Each Day I Meet Someone New..
But Never Find Any 0ther Like “You”.. The World Is Full 0f People.. Its True Yet No One Ever Equals To “You.



Find Arms That Will Hold U At Ur Weakest, Find Eyes That Will See U At Ur Ugliest, Find Heart That Will Love
U At Ur Worst.. If U Have Found It.. U Have Found Love..!


Thinking Of You Keeps Me Awake, Dreaming Of You
Keeps Me Asleep, Being With YouKeeps Me Alive.



ometimes Its Hard To Determine Whether U Really Have Feelings For Someone.. Or U Are Just Carried Away By The Game.!


The Day You Came In My Life, I Felt You As My Best 0ne. I Judged You Not By Your Beauty Or Tone, But Because I Felt You As My 0wn. Be With Me Forever.


I Saw That You Were Perfect So I Loved You. Then I Saw That You Were Not Perfect So I Loved You Even More.



U Luk Sweet When U Read My Message. U Luk Sweeter When U Read My Message & Smile. U Luk Sweetest When U Read My Message, Smile & Reply. So, Try To Look Sweetest


I Knew That Looking Back On The Tears, Would Make Me Laugh.. But, I Never Knew That Looking Back On The Laugh, Would Bring Tears..!



I Am Single After My Broke Up.. Not Because I Dont Pray For Love.. But I Am Single Because I Dont Play With Love..!


No Matter Who Brings U Down, And Makes Ur Day Bad.. There Are Always Some People In Ur Life, Who Make Ur Life Feel Like Heaven..!


Life Becomes Romantic When Eyes Start Looking At S0me One Silently.. But
Life Becomes More R0mantic When Some One Starts Reading.Those Eyes Silently..


True relationship sms whatsapp status quotes


Look At The World As One Big Chocolate Cake. It Would Never Be Complete Without A Few Sweet. And Nuts. Sweet Like Me.And Nut Like U.


Sweet Thing Come To Paas To Sweet People With Sweet Heasts In Sweet Salutations i Pray Everyday Add More Sweetness To Our Sweet Life.


You Are The Beat To My Heart. You Are The Bear Of My Hug. You Are The Kiss To My Lips.You Are The Key To My Heat,But Most Important. You Are The Love Of My Life.


Somewhere Someone is surely made for you.! AND God has decided a perfect time to make you meet that person.
Till then, Enjoy your own “Settings”


When I Am Glad, You Are In My Smile, When I Am Sad, You Are In My Tears, When I Am Walking,you Are In My Steps,
When I Am Sleeping,
you Are In My Dreams.
I Love You!


As Rain Cover The Sun,
Truth Cover The Lie..
Angel Cover The Devil,
Flower Cover The Garden..
I Wish And Pray That Happiness
Cover All The Worry Of Ur Life..!



Men best show their character in trifles, where they are not on their guard.
It is in the simplest habits, that we often see the boundless egotism
which pays no regard to the feelings of others and denies nothing to itself.


There is no royal road to anything.
One thing at a time, all things in succession.
That which grows fast, withers as rapidly.
That which grows slowly, endures.


The More I Meet You,
The More U Appear New,
The More I Know You,
The More I Want To Love You,
Each Day My Love For
You Is My First Love,
Coz Each Day I Feel As
If I Have Just Start.


As we grow older together,
As we continue to change with age,
There is one thing that will never change.
I will always keep falling in love with you my sweet hurt..


A fair reputation is a plant, delicate in its nature,
and by no means rapid in its growth.
It will not shoot up in a night like the gourd of the prophet: but,
like that gourd, it may perish in a night.


Lovely relationship sms whatsapp status and Text Messages


I Hate You When You Smile At Me
Because You Make Me Crazy
I Hate You When You Talk To Me
Because You Make Me Run Out Of Words
I Hate You When I See You
Because You Make Me Love You More.


love is not a collection of message
it is selection of hearts.
all lovers are not true,
true lover are very few.


Always be ready to prove you love someone, because LOVE is not a noun to be defined, but a verb to be acted.


I know things have to be the waythey are
Yet my heart longs for more
You have touched my life in ways
it has never been touched before


The Most Important Thing In Life Is…
To Love Someone…
The Second Most Important Thing In Life Is…
To Have Someone Love You…
The Third Most Important Thing Is…
To Have The First Two Happen At The Same Time… .


If I Get A Chance To Go
To Moon.. My Great Wish
Is I Will Draw Ur Face On
The Moon.. So That
Throughout The Night Wherever
I Go, I Can See Ur Face..!


I Want To Live In Ur Eyes, Not As A Dream But As A Sight,
I Want To Live In Ur Mind, Not As An Idea But As A Memory,
I Want To Live In Ur Heart, Not As Blood But As A Beat,
I Want To Live In Ur Body, Not As A Soul But As A Feeling,
I Want To Live In Ur Life Not As A Lover But As A Reason Of Living..


Love is as much of an object as an obsession, everybody wants it, everybody seeks it,
but few ever achieve it, those who do will cherish it,be lost in it, and among all,
never… never forget it….


To live a life i need heartbeat,2 have heartdeat i need a heart,
2have heart i need happiness,2 have happiness i need a friend,
and for a you.



U always be mine 4 now & 4ever.U always be mine 4 u r my treasure.
U always be mine please tell me its true.
Please be mine 4ever ill always love u!


The Sweetest Souls Who Loves,
Cherish, Inspire And Protect
The Angel In U..
Are Ur Guardian Angel..
They Are Ur Frnd And Family..!


Sometimes My eyes get jealouse of my
You Know Why?Bcoz…..You Always
Remain close to my HEART n far from my


Sweet relationship sms whatsapp status for her


I believe that God above created u for me
to luv.he picked you out from all the rest
cos he knew id luv you the best!


working towards success will make you a Master,
but working towards satisfaction makes you a Legend. all the best


I Believe That If You Show People The Problems And You Show Them The Solutions They Will Be Moved To Act …


I L♥VE the feeling when we are together…….,
I L♥VE the thought being with you forever..,
I L♥VE the time i spend with you….
Becoz I feel perfect with you…


Only a few people can feel the rain,
Others just get wet, Much
Awesome:Only a few Lovers can
feel the pain of depart,
others just find another..!!


Trust the one who can see these
three things in you:
Sorrow behind your smile,
Love behind your anger,
Reason behind your silence.!!


How i wonder,
If i am in love with u
How i wonder,
if u feel the same for me,
How i wonder,
If you and me will be together forever….
How i wonder…
Will u ever love me…???


Love will honour, cherish n adore,
Love will knock at our door,
Love is blissful, consuming me,
Love is everything that we see…..


Every test in our life makes us “Bitter or Better”
Evry problem comes to “Make us or Break us”
Choice is ours whethr we become “Victim or Victor”


Dont read success story.
Read only failure story,
B”coz, failure story you get new idea to win,
from Success story you get only message.


I want to live in Ur eyes not as
a dream but as a sight,
I want to live in Ur mind not as
an idea but as a memory,
I want to live in Ur heart not as
blood but as a beat,
I want to live in Ur body not as a
soul but as a feeling ,
I want to live in Ur life ? not


Think positive, look at the world as one huge chocolate cake.
It would not be complete without a few sweets and nuts.
Sweets like me and nuts like you!


True relationship sms whatsapp status and Text Messages


Say what you mean and mean what you say
because people that mind dont matter and
people matter dont mind


To love someone doesnt mean to commit with that person
sometimes u just hv to be satisfied with whatever connection u hv with that special one.


Good things come to those who wait.
Better things come to those who try.
A best thing comes to those who believe.
So make your trial with believe.


Search a beautiful heart but,
Do not search a beautiful face,
Beautiful things are not alwayes good,
But good thing are always beautiful.


I Simply Don’t Care Where
You Live And What You Earn.
I Accept You The Way You Are.
I Appreciate That You Shared
Your Past With Me And I Am
Thankful That Your Future
Belongs To Me.
I Love You Unconditionally.


You Know What When
I Talking To You I
Wish I Could Stop The
Time I Want To Spend
All The Time With You


I Need 3 Things In My Life,
The Sun For The Day,
The Moon For The Night,
YOU For The Rest Of My Life..


You.. Are The Reason Why..
I Smile, I Breath, I Live,
I Love U Bcoz You Are
My Life My Everything.


Last Night, Thinking Of U,
One Tear Rolled Out,
I Asked Why R U Out?
Tear Said There Is Someone
So Beautiful In Ur Eyes,
Now There Is No Place For Me.


Boy: I Love Your Eyes.
Girl: Know What Makes Them Prettier.?
Boy: What.?
Girl: Your Reflection.?


Whenever Someone Tells
Me To Imagine Myself In
The Future, For Some
Reason… I Always
Imagine Myself With You..


Some People Have Nice Eyes,
Some Have A Nice Smile &
Some Of Them Have A Nice
Face But You Have All Of
Them Including A Nice Heart..


Relationship sms whatsapp status for girl friend


Let All My Smile Be Yours
All Your Tears Be Mine..
Let All My Happiness Be Yours
All Your Sadness Be Mine..
Let Tha Whole World Be Yours
Only You Be Mine..!


If I Am In Hell And U In
Heaven, I Always Look Up
And Be Proud Of You.
But If I Were In Heaven
And U In Hell, I Beg God
2 Send Me Down Cuz Heaven
Will Be Hell Without You.


I Cant Say How Much I Like
You And How Special You
Are To Me But, I Can Say
Ma World Iz Full Of Smile
Whenever You Are With Me…!!


Distances Are Not A Matter,
When The Memories Are Sweet.
Special People Are Never
Forgotten, Because
They Remain In Heart Beats..


Hold Me In Your Arms And
Never Let Me Go, Kiss Me
On My Lips, Very Sweetly
And Slow, Show Your Love
If You Have The Feelings
For Me, Let Me Share That
My Love Is Only For You!


Take My Hand n Lead Me From
This Place, Chase Away My
Doubts n Fears, Wipe The
Tears Off From My Face,
I Cant Stand Alone,
I Need Your Hand To Hold..


I Feel Something In My Heart
Its Like A Little Flame
Every Time I See You
This Flame Lights Up
This Flame Is Special
For You Becuse I Love U..!


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