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Welcome to our for Pain Status, short love hurt quote sms for fb WhatsApp messages for update at facebook. Pain Status for the lover. i know when you lost your love you feel so much pain, it remains that no pain hurt much more than a broken heart. if you want to express your painful situation with your friends, then you are in the best place. we have collected the latest Pain Status, short love hurt quote sms for fb facebook Whatsapp messages. Emotional mind know the pain of love. now shortly now can update your status with this Pain Status, short love hurt quote sms for fb WhatsApp messages. Here is also, love pain, short love hurt quotes, emotional painful status, life painful status.

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Short sad painful status and Messages for Fb

01. Love is an excuse to get hurt

02. We can all agree, that love hurts.
But even though it hurts, in the end, it will bring more happiness than sadness.

03. I keep myself busy with the things I do.
But in every moment when I pause, I still think of you.

04. When you love a girl, Fight for their, Show shes the only one that matters, Dont do something you know you shouldn’t, Don’t watch the pain break their and do nothing

05. I hate you, and then I love you.
It’s like I want to throw you off a cliff, then rush to the bottom to catch you.

06. Love doesn’t hurt you.
A person that doesn’t know how to love hurts you.
Don’t get it twisted.
Tony Gaskins

07. If someone doesn’t appreciate your presence make them appreciate your absence.

08. Moving on is easy but what you leave behind is what makes it hard.

09. I got hurt. Really hurt.
And sometimes when that happens, something inside me shuts off.

10. love & appreciate the girl you have now, cuz 1 day they just might be gone,then you’ll realize that girl really did love me,but has now moved on:(

11. sometime you just wish you could love the person who loves you most without bullshit from the other people who have a problem with love

12. You said you wouldn’t be like the others, so why are you doing the same stuff to me they did?

13. Love is a silly thing ! and younger kids dont need it ! like my self

14. I act like I don’t care but deep inside i swear it hurts.

15. When you hurt  The one you love, You are bound to Hurt yourself.

16. Yes, I did fall in love. But you didn’t catch me. =(

17. Never ignore the person that truly loves you.
Because one day you’ll realize you lost the moon while you were counting the stars.

18. says, “Relationships don’t just happen, they require alot of work from both sides to keep happening.”

20. Wonders, How do you let someone know you love them, if they don’t even try to recognize that you exist?? <3

Best Sad painfu status quotes for fb updates

21. Its hard to let someone go when you know they were never yours to begin with. but all i want you to know is that i want YOU happy. Even if I’m not. </3

22. Andd.. never say anything that’s hurtful because in a blink of an eye that person could be gone.

23. Lets get something one thing straight! You’ll regret leaving me… I never should have told you i fell in love

24.  heart has giving up the will to fight. Why fight when I already see what means more and it is not me or you’d be here instead of where you are.

25. you love it when you have found the perfect guy but it hurts when you are not perfect for that guy

26. I try so hard to be strong, but then I think of you, and then I cry. I pray God will show you my sorrow, so you could see that I’ve always loved you.

27. True love is when you first look into that person’s eye and realise they are the one you will stay with forever – Reality is when you know what bullshit that is

28. The saying “its better to have love and loss then to have never loved at all” yeah that’s bullshit. Now the saying “Love Hurts” & “Love Stinks” is the truth

29. When you need something, you call upon me to give it. When you want something, I find a way to meet those wants. If I have a need or want, you ask me why?

30. i fell for you but you failed to catch me.. you liked me and i liked you back.. but now when i like you the most you like someone else:(

31. Some day I will be someones priority and not their burden, second thought or after-thought!

32. you love it when you have found the perfect guy but it hurts when you are not perfect for

33. The plan is to forgive and forget.. Forgive myself for believing you and Forget you even existed

34. One of these days, hopefully soon, karma gonna bite you good. I just hope you get EVERYTHING you dished out to me. Nothing more, nothing less.

35. It sucks when you love someone but are afraid to tell them how you feel, out of fear that they don’t love you back.

36. I need to know if what I’m doing is right. Cause’ right now I just don’t know..

37. thinks it really sucks when you open your eyes and realize it was only just a dream…

38. Every time you put me on the back burner & left me alone something in me changed. I stopped crying, I got used to it & I got strong. Is that what you intended?

39. How is it that you can bend over backwards for everyone, yet no one ever gives you a second thought?

40. i tell everyone that I’m single and i love it,,when honestly all i want is to find love, find it, keep it, and just be happy 🙂

Latest short pain quotes updates for facebook

41. I’m done dealing with you and the way you treat me. Until you can learn to treat me right, don’t talk to me.

42. yea I’m strong when i wanna be. i act happy but never really am happy but one day I’m just gonna stop being strong break down and cry and show my true colors.

43. I’m afraid when you finally come to your senses & realize you want me, I’ll be gone.

44. If you walked a mile in these shoes you would know what its like to be on the outside looking in.

45. I never understood the saying “Sometimes love isn’t enough.” __until now.

46. why should i let you go cos you ripped my heart in two but yet again I’m thinking of you cos the bitch your with is my best friend

47. It’s great to be wanted and needed by someone, but if your only wanted when your needed then maybe it’s time to rethink things.

48. Every rose has it’s thorns, and sometimes the thorns are hard to see through the flowers, but your flowers are dead and your thorns are huge.

49. Why is it that when I finally find someone new and decide to forget about you, you come back around and make me fall in love with you again?

50. I’m stubborn as hell & will live my own life. Say I can’t & I will; push me, I’ll push back; make it into a contest, and you’ll watch as I win.

51. guys if you love their tell their, show their, kiss their, and tell their they is beautiful because if you don’t there is someone else waiting & wanting to be THAT GUY!

52. And one day you will realize I was the one who loved you the most, the one whose heart was yours, but by then it may be to late. </3

53. When you make the wrong choice- don’t come crawling back because you lost me when you walked away.

54. After all the moments we shared together, were they real or was it all just a dream?

55. What do you do when your hurt and the one you want to run to,,, is the one who hurt you?

56. Hates when the guy leads you on then tells you that want you anymore

57. tired of everything going wrong in my life.. why cant i just be happy for once and stay happy. :/

58. I miss more about you and us than I could possibly imagine, I wish sometimes you could see into my heart to know what this is doing to me

59. If a raindrop represented each second that I thought about you, then it would never stop raining

60. I don’t think we ever really stop loving someone. With the passing of time, we find things to occupy the space between our hearts.

Emotional pain status quotes and Messages

61. Love leaves you if you don’t care for it…

62. The heart is like a glass. Once broken, it can never be mended to it’s original state again. No matter how hard you’ll try, there’s always going to be a scar.

63. im seriously tired of gettin hurt. every time it happens i put another brick on my wall. then wen that 1 special person comes round im scared i wont let them in.

64. When I said I loved you it was more then the truth. And with each lonely night and day that I go through, well, they just bring me closer to you <3

65. My heart and my mind are fighting and i fear no one is winning.

66. Love is like shoving a penis in a vagina… it never lasts long

67. Your status is SINGLE but you heart is TAKEN.

68. he needs to realize that she’s worth it, before she realizes that he isn’t…

69. Sorry I wasn’t good enough, sorry I can’t be the beautiful girl that you wanted. Sorry I can’t be the person on your mind right now. I still love you.

70. It takes a few months to mend a broken bone but a lifetime to mend a broken heart.

71. Why should a person continually hold up the heaviest end of the box when the owner of the box doesn’t really know or even seem to care whats in it anyway??

72. If its TRUE LOVE your not going to do things to jeopardized the relationship, your going to do things to show your love

73. I really don’t know why i miss you… because i know you don’t miss me back.

74. One of the hardest, most painful, soul-wrecking things you can do, is watch the one you love loving someone else.

75. I sit there and look at your profile over and over then a tear rolls down my face here it comes the pain the tears i wish you would have stayed with me I LOVE U

76. You’ve reached ur former girlfriend. I can’t take ur call now because I refuse to be available when it’s convenient for you. Leave a message at the “screw u”.

77. I thought i would never feel this way, and now that i do i wish it would go away. Its getting harder to hide.

78. is putting a lock on their heart and installing a mote with a fierce dragon…

79. The only people I need in my life are the people who need me in theirs! I will not make you a priority, if you’re only making me an option!

80. I think that I only exist when it is convenient for you — I am sick of playing this game!

Sorrow sms and sad Status for fb whatsapp quotes

81. Hoping one day you’ll fly back to me. Because I think you’re worth the wait.

82. Every time I tell myself I’m over you, you give me that look… and when I look into your eyes I remember everything it used to be.

83. don’t say sorry to me say sorry to my pillow 4 having to catch my tears, my heart 4 trusting u, say sorry to your sorry ass for Wat my friends r gonna do 2 u 🙂

84. Why is it that we love the ones we can’t have, yet attract the ones we don’t want?

85. All I really need right now is a hug.

86. I cant say I didn’t love you, coz that would be untrue, but I know I deserve so much better, than a stupid fool like you!

87. They always say to follow your heart.So what do you do when it leads you to a dead end?

88. World’s most beautiful words “BUT, I LOVE YOU” World’s most painful words “I LOVE YOU,BUT”

89. I guess I am good at hiding my emotions because you didn’t notice the hurt in that one.

90. Live your life as if you were to die tomorrow

life pain status quotes for WhatsApp and Facebook (FB)

91. I’m sorry for stealing your heart, you stole mine but when we broke up, i gave you your heart back, i still haven’t seen mine yet <3

92. sometimes silence is golden, but sometimes it hurts.

93. When you give, you expect nothing. But when you give everything & receive nothing. What are you left with for yourself? Absolutely Nothing.

94. No matter how many times you hurt me, I can’t get over you. No matter how many times you treat like dirt, like nothing, I can’t stop loving you.

95. Each tear i cry isn’t worth nothing. Each one means that you have hurt me. The regret that i feel. I hope you feel guilty.

96. Do not mistake my kindness for my weakness…for if I find out you have used me, you will see just how strong I can be!

97. So many times I’ve wanted to give up and let go. But, this feeling inside is the only thing keeping me from letting it all fade away.

98. Don’t make any guy your priority when they only make you their option.

99. The one person in the world i would go to if i was sad, is the one who’s making me cry.

100. lie after lie, chance after chance given, how many times do you give to a person before you have given them enough chances.

Love Pain status and sad status for Facebook and WhatsApp

101. When you lied to me, I was terribly hurt.. But my heart says, the pain could never erase the love I have for you..And here I am, still in love with you.

102. the things that meant the most to you are the things that are harder to let go, those are the things you’ll always remember no matter what.

103. Why is it when something good happens in life someone or something has to mess it up?

104. Why is it that the only person that can mend your broken heart, is the person who broke it in the first place!!

105. I have one question for you!!! WHY??? oh wait I already know why it’s cause your an idiot!!

106. What hurts the most is how close we used to be. </3 I loved you And gave you everything but you turned around and broke me.

107. Sometimes when you love something, it’s best to let it go…But what happens if you love something so much, you can’t let it go?

108. I am not your past and you are not my past…I won’t hurt you like they hurt you..the moment we let go of the past and embrace us as a future we will be OK.

109. Words that are said in anger can rarely be taken back so be mindful what you say. The pain can never be reversed even if inflicted by the ones you love.

110. A wound heals, but the scar always remains, when you love and you get hurt, the bleeding stops but the pain remains under the scar.

Painful Status, short love hurt quote SMS for fb facebook WhatsApp

111. Has finally realized the one thing they wants in life will never happen 🙁

112. I have built the walls around my heart. One day you came along and slowly broke the walls. I didn’t notice it until you left and all I saw was the damage left.

113. After all the late nights and good times, when everyone else has moved on, you will remember the one who loved you but they won’t be standing here anymore.

114. …Says that one day, you will look at me and think – “they was good to me…they really did love me.”

115. Why is it that every time I go with my heart and against my common sense and trust someone with my love, I end up hurt?

116. after everything that’s been said and done, I can’t believe I still miss you.

117. Missing you has become a daily thing. 🙁

118. If you want me, tell me. If you love me, show me. We don’t have forever so be upfront with me.

119. It’s so hard when you LOVE someone,but they don’t know or just don’t LOVE you back! even though your braking my heart, i still love you, and always will.

120. Someday you’ll realize I was there, when no one else was. That I loved you like no other, and will never stop. I cared, when no one else cared, baby.

Love hurt Sad quotes status painful updates for facebook and WhatsApp

121. I may not be the one you love today, but I’ll let you go for now,

122. needs to find their cock stop – then the tears might stop

123. I can’t forgive, can’t forget, can’t give in, what went wrong, ’cause you said this was right, you f…ed up my life

124. i would tell you how much i care, but i don’t wanna waste my time on something you don’t care about.

125. I tell myself I dont like you because I cant like you, but then every time I see you get online it all comes flooding back and I cant think about anything else

126. i love you but I’m afraid to open my heart out of fear that I’ll make the same mistake again .

127. When you start to bring down the walls, you are reminded of why you put them up in the first place.

128. One thing that Love and Relationships have in common= TRUST!! No LOVE can last an eternity if a RELATIONSHIP is based on LIES!!!

129. why cant i have all of you? why do i have to share you? i love you i hate you i need you i leave you! you are my world why am i not yours?

130. I wish you could see all the statuses that I’ve saved, because then maybe you’d realize just how much I love you, and just how much I want you back.

Pain Sad Status, short love hurt Status sms for fb facebook WhatsApp

131. when you feel that pain in your heart,just remember it’s the pieces slowly coming back together so you can be somewhat whole again

132. I’m always one, but never THE one.

133. If you loved me you wouldn’t have left me, if you were sorry you wouldn’t have done it again and if you cared you wouldn’t have hurt me in the first place.

134.  If I love you and you love me then what is the problem?

135.  Love – Feels great when your in it, Hurts like a Bitch when you get crushed by it. Is Hard to Find when someone Truly feels It back..

136. Sorry, I don’t do guys who have f…-buddies

137. i Smile because it hurts, i Smile to hide the pain, i Smile so that my eyes don’t cry, and i Smile so that i can feel like me again..

138. Why is it that when a girl thinks they’ve found their Batman, it always turns out to be a Joker?

139. some times you need to let something go to see if it will come back to u. in order to know if something is real.

140. U are the tear on my cheek, the flesh of my scars, and the hatred in my heart, yet U are the smile of my lips, the Life of my soul, and the only love of my heart.

Heart pain sad status quotes, Messages

141. I’m tired of waiting for you to wake up and see what you have right in front of you! When I walk away – I promise NOT to come back!

142. One of the best feelings in the world is when someone touches your heart, but it’s also one of the hardest things to let someone do.

143. If you love someone, set them free if they come back, they are yours if they don’t, they were never yours in the first place

144. If you aren’t ready for a relationship you should say so… Instead you leave me so confused about everything

145. always say what you mean…misleading someone and saying what they wanna hear only leads to heartache…

146. If I had a nickle for every time you made me cry, I’d stick them in a pillow case and beat you into a coma!

147. Knows that I am going to have to be the one to say goodbye, but every time I try to say the words nothing comes out. How can I let U go when I need U so much?

148. Sometimes it’s hard to decide. If you would want the present, or the past.

149. It takes only a minute to like someone, an hour to fall in love with someone, a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

150. never give up when u still have something to give coz nothing is really over ’til the moment U stop trying…

151. Flirting is a habit for those who are single; it means “I’m free

152. <3 To an outsider, COCKINESS and COMPLACENCY are their best friends <3

153. I hate that feeling you get when you know someone’s being fake, but you want to believe their not, ’cause you love them so much it hurts . . .

154. I think we get stuck with the wrong “ones” because we believe that they are the only “ones” who will ever love us.

155. getting hurt in the past doesn’t make the future feel any better.the pain still lingers and the memories are still there

156. –When I ran, all I really wanted was for you to chase me.

157. Never waste your time on falling for someone, that wouldn’t catch you..

158. Wondering when will I be worth the truth one day. I give my heart but how much of yours do I really have? Please just tell the truth for once.

159. you love that one person texts you, talks to you, tells you they love you and calls you beautiful. but what happens when that one person, makes you cry?

160. I love how I was there for you, You met someone, and forgot I even exist..</3

Broken heart sad status and Messages quotes

161. wonders what it would feel like for once in my life to receive back as much as I give out…

162. How come the ones who claim to love you the most are indeed the ones who hurt you the most?

163. loves being ignored by the only person i really want to talk to! no excuse can justify how you have made me feel!

Pain Status, short love hurt quote sms for fb whatsapp messages

164. Every day i wake up in the morning praying that that you have changed your mind about us.. but when i get to u, u still hate me for something i never did.

165. Never ever tell each other lies. Be committed to the one u love. Remember, secrets are lies in disguise and never assume they don’t know your secrets.

166. If you REALLY love me, show it don’t say it. Words mean nothing, it’s the actions that really speak!

167. love hurts only when you are not faithful in the relationship and you give up

168. you said i love you and i was stupid enough to believe you. i told you id ruin your life and you were stupid enough to think i was kidding :))

169. love hurts only when you are not faithful in the relationship and you give up

170. If you REALLY love me, show it don’t say it. Words mean nothing, it’s the actions that really speak!

171. Never ever tell each other lies. Be committed to the one u love. Remember, secrets are lies in disguise and never assume they don’t know your secrets.

172. Every day i wake up in the morning praying that that you have changed your mind about us.. but when i get to u, u still hate me for something i never did.

173. loves being ignored by the only person i really want to talk to! no excuse can justify how you have made me feel!

174. How come the ones who claim to love you the most are indeed the ones who hurt you the most?

175. Love is bullshit, Love doesn’t mean a thing.

176. actions speak louder then words.. you want me.. show me… you don’t want me.. well then walk away because i am not wasting my time waiting!

177. is putting a lock on her heart and throwing away the key hoping that one day someone worthiness of that key will do what he can to find it…

178. All the times you accused me, blamed me, compared me to their, lied to me, cheated on me and tore me apart only made me strong enough to leave you now.

179. Although we appear to be walking together on the same path…truth is… we may still end up at different destinations.

180. It’s so hard to learn to trust again after being hurt and done wrong.

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