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Here is the largest collection of Good Romantic Relationship Messages Whatsapp Status SMS for your lover. boy friend and girl friend like to share his/her feelings with his/her lover. is the largest site for your Romantic Relationship Messages Good  Whatsapp Status you can share your feelings with your partner.every good relationship based on are providing you trastable relationship whatsapp messages and status for your good and sweet relationship, just pick  a messages or good romantic quotes and share with his/her at facebook or whatsapp.

Romantic relationship whatsapp Messages status


When I Learnt
To Wipe My Tears..
I Got A Shoulder To Cry On..
And When I Found The
Art Of Hating Someone..
Someone Started Loving Me..!



If U Have A Heart
That Obeys Ur Mind..
U Can Win The Whole World..
If U Have A Mind..
That Obeys Ur Heart..
U Can Win The Love
Of Many Hearts..!



Never Tell Ur Problems
To Anyone..
Except The 1%
Who Truly Loves U..
Bcoz 20% People Dont Care..
And Other 79% People Are Glad
That U Have A Problem..
True Fact..!



urting Someone
Is As Easy As Cutting The Tree..
Making Someone Happy
Is Like Growing A Tree..
It Takes Lots Of Time..!



Single Is Not A Status..
Its A Word That Describes
A Person..
Who Is Stronge Enough
To Live And Enjoy Life..
Without Depending On Others..!



Never Change Urself
For Whom U Love..
Bcoz Who Wants U To Change
Never Loves U..
And Who Loves U
Will Never Like U To Change..!



Dont Hate Anyone In Ur Life..
Someone Makes U Happy..
Someone Gives U Exprience..
Someone Teach U
How To Face Troubles..
So Love All..!



Prayer Is A Free Outgoing Call To God..
No Network Or Battery Problem..
Always Good Signal
All Messages Sent..
Make Prayer A Habit
Remember Me In Ur Prayers..!



Happiness Is
Not Something U Look For..
Its Something
Which U Create..
Either Be Happy
Or Create The Reason
To Be One..!



Dont Think Of The Few Things
That U Didnt Get..
From God After Praying..
Think Of All Those Countless Beautiful Things..
That He Gave U Without Asking..!


 Good Relationship Whatsapp Status SMS


My Message
Is Just Like Rain..
One Day It Will Increase..
One Day It Will Decrease..
Maybe One Day It Will Disappear..
Never Dies..
Anytime It May Come Back..!



Easy To Get Someone Who Loves U..
Easy To Get Someone Who Likes U..
Easy To Get Someone Who Cares For U..
But Rare To Get Someone Who Understands U..!



Every Little Smile
Can Touch Somebodies Heart..
No One Is Born Happy..
But All Of Us Are Born Withe The Ability
To Create Happiness..!



A Person Of Real Beauty
Smiles In Trouble..
Gathers Strength From Distress..
And Grows Brave By Reflection
And Prayers..!



Easy To Lose Someone
Saying A Lie.. But Difficult To Get Back That Person
By Saying Thousand Truth..
So Be Truthful..
Live Beautiful..!



Life Is The Most Easy Exam..
But Many Fails..
Bcoz They Try To Copy Others..
Not Realizing That Each One Has Different Question Paper..!



I Knew That Looking Back On The Tears..
Would Make Me Laugh..
I Never Knew That..
Looking Back On The Laughs Would Bring Tears..!



I Know Your Life Can Go On Without Me,
That You Can Be Happy Without Me,
That You Can Survive Without Me,
But Even If You Turn Me Away,
I Will Still Choose To Stay With You,
Be Your Sweetest Stranger Forever….



When I Am Glad
U Are In My Smile..
When I Am Sad
U Are In My Tears..
When I Am Walking
U Are In My Steps..
When I Am Sleeping
U Are In My Dreams..
I Love U..!



Love Is Like A Lump Of Gold..
Hard To Get And Hard To Hold..
Of All The Boys I Have Met
U Are The One I Cant Forget..
I Do Believe That God Above..
Created U For Me To Love..
He Choose U From All The Rest..
Bcoz He Knew I Would Love U Best..!
Love U..



Among The Countless Dreams
I Had A Beautiful One Come True..
When I Fell In Love And Gave My Heart To U..
Life Has Since Changed In A Thousand Ways..
Be Mine Forever
As I Am Urs Only..!


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Best relation in this
world is,  “When you hold the hand Of a person And the person walks
with you Without asking “Where” and “Why” ??



i cant tell u my feelings, but i
know their really there. i cant tell i
want u coz i want u 2 stay. f i tell
u my emotions, you might go away



Give her two red roses
each with a note The first note says
‘For the woman I love’ the second,
‘For my best friend’


what is love ?
those who dont like it call it
RESPONSIBILITY those who play
with it call it a GAME .those who
dont have it call it a DREAM And
me i call it U



I have seen angels in the sky
I have seen snowfall in july, I have
seen things you only imagine to
see, But I haven’t seen anything
sweeter than you.



In Life U Meet 2 Kinds Of People..
One Who Builds U Up..
And One Who Tears U Down..
But In The End U Will Thank Them Both..!


some like one,
some like two,
i like one,
that is you,



A Simple Way To Be Grateful
Is To Close Your Eyes For A Minute
And Think Of Those
Who Never Got A Chance To Open Them.






♥IF You r asking if I will hurt u,
The answer is Never♥
♥IF You r asking if I Love u,
The answer is Forever♥
♥IF You r asking if I want u,
The answer is I do♥
♥IF You r asking what I value Most,
The answer is You♥


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I Want You To Hug Me When I Get Scared.
I Want You To Kiss Me When I Act Like A Kid.
I Want You To Care For Me When I’m Sick.
I Want You To Listen To Me When I Wanna Say Something.
I Want You To Understand My Silence When I Don’t Have Words
To Express What I Feel.I Want You To Love Me Forever



Winning Ur Goal Is Not The Toughest Victory..
But Winning Ur Patience To Achieve That Goal Is The Most Toughest One..!”


Fly In The Plane Of Ambition..
Land In The Airport Of Success..
Luck Is Urs
Wish Is Mine..
May Ur Future Be Bright My Dear Frnd..!



When Someone Is So Sweet To U..
Dont Expect That They Will Be Like That All The Time..
Bcoz Even The Sweetest Chocolate Has An Expiry Date..!


Dont Trust Money..
Bcoz It Gives Bed But Not Sleep..
It Gives Books But Not Mind..
It Gives Luxuries But Not Happiness..!


Don’t Get Upset With People Or Situations..
They Are Powerless Without Ur Reaction..!



Always Speak Good About Ur Enemies..
After All, They Are Ur Own Creation..!



If U Have Something To Say To Someone..
Just Go Tell The Person By Urself Before They Hear The Remixed Version From Someone Else..!”


The Best Kind Of Relationship In The World Is The One
In Which A Sorry And A Smile Can Make Everything Back To Normal Again..!



Pure Heart Person Have A Wonderful Smile..
That Makes Even His Enemy Feel Guilty For Being Guilty..
So Catch The World With Ur Smile..!



It Is Difficult To Win Over A Person
Who Has No Fear Of Death..!


Nice Romantic Whatsapp Status Relationship Messages


This Generation Boys And Girls Get Into Love..
Bcoz Of Misunderstanding..
And Breakup When They Understand Each Other..!


U Can Live Without The Person
Who Says “U Are Mine”
But U Can Never Live Without Someone Who Says “I Am Urs..!


Hard Words Cant Touch Any Soft Heart..
But Soft Words Can Touch Any Hard Hearts..
Be Soft , The World Will Be Urs..!



Be friend: It is said that as couple
Grows older,love turns into soething deeper
called is important that you treat
your partner as your friend for life best
bud, or whatever you want to call them.your
partner should be the one that you want to turn
to in times of needs and the one you want to
share your happiness and success with.



Save a little space for me in
your Heart and
not in your mind.
Becoz mind easily Forgets
But Heart Always Remembers…!



Short But Nice Thought About Silence Attitude:
“Speak Only When U Feel Ur Words Are Better Than The Silence..!”



Past Is Waste Paper..
Present Is News Paper..
Future Is Question Paper..
So Carefully Read And Write
Otherwise Life Becomes Tissue Paper..!


Learn To Be Flexible..
Bcoz Even The Winner Of A Gold Medal
Gets His Medal
When He Bows Down..!


What Did U Read..?
Live Together
Live To Get Her..
Just A Beautiful Way To Say
Life Is The Way How U Take It..!


True Line:
U May Not Be Perfect In Many Things..
Many Things Cannot Be Perfect Without U..!


Every Boy May Not Be King
To His Girlfrnd..
But  He Is Always A Prince To His Mother..!”


Most Beautiful Thing In This World Is To See Ur Parents Smiling..
And The Next Best Thing Is To Know That U Are The Reason Behind That Smile..!

Relationship Whatsapp Status and Messages


When U Fully Trust A Person Without Any Doubt..
U Finally Get One Of The Two Results..
Either.. A Person For Life..


Feelings Were Much More Important Than Words..
But Nowadays Words Have Great Importance..
Since People Dont Understand Feelings..!


Hurting Needed To Make U Grow..
Failure Needed To Make U Know..
Loss Needed To Make U Gain..
Bcoz Best Lessons Only Learnt Through Pain..!



Respect Is Not What People Speak In Front Of U..
Its What They Speak Behind U..!


Short But Meaningful Sentence:
“No Poison Can Kill Positive Thinkers..
No Medicine Can Cure Negitive Thinker..!”


Trust The Person Who Can Sense Ur Sadness In Ur Smile..
Hear Ur Words In Ur Silence..
And Feel Ur Love In Ur Anger..
Bcoz They Are Indeed True To U..!



If People Are Trying To Pull U Down
Be Proud About It..
It Only Confirms That U Are Above Them..
Think Big..!



Communication Is The Life Line Of Any Relationship..
When U Stop Communicating
U Start Losing Ur Valuable Relationships..
So Stay Connected..!



Whom U Don’t Need Today..
U May Need Them Tomorrow..
Whom U Neglect Today..
May Never Accept U Tomorrow..
Always Value Relationships..!



I Like The Boy Who Cheated Me In The Name Of Love..
Bcoz He Is My Guide Who Instructed That Dont Believe Boys..
In The Name Of Love..!



Sad Lines By Broken Heart:
“They Say Follow Ur Heart..
But When Ur Heart Is In So Many Pieces..
Which Way Are U To Follow..!”



I Love My Shadow A Lot..
Bcoz At Least It Was With Me When I Was Left Lonely..
By The One Whom I Actually Loved A Lot..!


Whatsapp Status and Good Relationship Messages


A Girl Was Asked The Meaning Of Love..
She Replied.. “Sacrificing The Admiration Of Hundred Of Boys For Facing The Criticisms Of One Idiot..!”



Life is better when you are happy.
Best when other people are happy bcoz of you.
Be inspired,give peace and share your smile…



What Does It Matter How Many Lovers U Have..
If None Of Them Gives U The Universe.



Since We Cannot Change Reality..
Let Us Change The Eyes That See Reality..!


If U Can Smile At The Moment When U Are Completely Broken..
Then Remember..There Is Nothing In The World That Can Break U Next Time..!


Some People Are So Much Important In Our Life..
Not Because We Enjoy Their Company..
But Because We Feel So Much Loneliness In Their Absence..!


Love Has One Law:
Make The Person Happy Whom U Love..!
In The Same Way Frndship Has One Law:
Never Make Ur Frnd Feel Alone Till U Are Alive..!


Emotion Can Be Controlled..
But Cannot Be Erased..
One Can Try To Go Away From Their Loved Ones..
But Hard To Go Away From Their Memories..!



Sincerity Is Not Measured When Both Take Care Of Each Other..
It Is Measured When One Ignore And Other Still Continues To Care..!


Small And Simple Formula For Better Life:
Never Try To Defeat People..
Just Try To Win Them..!



3 Simple Tips To Play Safe In The Game Of Life:
1. Dont Promise When U Are Happy
2. Dont Reply When U Are Angry
3. Dont Decide When U Are Sad..!



Every Time My Phone Rings
I Take A Breathe In Slowly And Pray That Its Finally U..
I Am Dying To Say That I Miss U..!


Being Able To Wait Is The Sign Of True Love And Patience..
Bcoz Anyone Can Say “I Love U”
But Only Few Can Wait And Prove..
It Is True..!



How Much U Are Loving Truly..
That Much U Will Suffer Deeply


Two Things Are Really Important In Life..
Frnds And Frndship..
1st One U Should Make..
2nd One U Should Keep..!

Relationship Whatsapp Status and good Messages


A Mind Can Forget Many Things..
But True Heart Will Never Forget Anything..
So Try To Win Some Hearts Which Will Never Forget U..
Until That Heartbeat Stops..!



I Am Not Waiting For A King..
I Am Waiting For The One Who Thinks That I Am His Queen..!”



Time Alone Can Prove The Worth Of People In Ur Life..
As Time Goes By The Wrong People Disappear..
And The Best Remain Forever..!



Sometimes Situation Makes U To Hate Ur Love Ones..
But Dont Hate That Person..
Just Hate That Situation..
Real Love Never Hates..!



Still U Will Be My Answer
When Someone Asks What U Are Thinking About



A Rose Indicate I Love U.. A Smile Indicate I Like U..
A Tear Indicate I Miss U..
But A Message Indicate I Remember U Always..!



If I Lost My Eyes Tomorrow..
I Cannot See The World..
But I Can See U That Time Too..
Bcoz U Are In My Heart..!


When Ur Lovable Becomes Angry With U..
Dont Take It Seriously..
Bcoz Being Angry Is The Most Childish And True Way Of Showing Deep Affection..!



Richness Is Not Earning More..
Spending More Or Saving More..
Richness Is When U Need No More..!



Who Is Helping U Dont Forget Them..
Who Is Believing U Dont Cheat Them..
Who Is Loving U Dont Hate Them..!



Kill The Tension Before Tension Kills U..
Reach Ur Goal Before Goal Kicks U..
Live Life Before Life Leaves U..!


If I hurted u
I m really sorry ..
If I was wrong
Plz forgive me ..
But I m damn sure ..
I was blinded to open up my heart ..
If I did a mistake
it may be loving you .



sweet as a rose bud bright as a star cute as a kitten that what u are.bundles of joy sunshine and fun you are everything i luv all rolled into 1.


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