Sad sms and messages for sad or broken heart

Sad sms and messages for sad and broken heart.Broken heart can give you more pain.So for getting relief from sadness you can send sad sms.If your heart is broken  and you feel sad then you are the perfect the best sad or broken heart sms from here and send it my dear friends read our Sad sms and messages for sad or broken heart and share with your lover.


Most relationsips become fail,
Not because of a lack of  love,
Love is always present,
But not only balanced.



I made mistakes,
meet you,
I love you.
He had in my life.
Trusted and loved more than you earn.
I cried for you when you left me for no reason.



You can hide a lot.
For a smile.
Broken heart, shattered dreams, craving Desires.



Every drop of tears is expensive,
than anything in the world
But no one knows its value, until they have in their eyes
for someone.



Never hurt or avoid a soul taht really loves you
or loves you  upto the core.
Because once if they start hating you
will miss one of the biggest pleasure.



we don’t success in our first love!
Because we lack certain quatites,
but after achieving those qualities,
we never love again!


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something would have to fight alone,
Some way must be crossed himself
Thus, never emotionally attached to someone, you never know when you have to walk alone.



pain is not a day is not our expensive.
Pain is true if you live without them
and their presence in our mind.



To cross the ocean without wetting the legs It is possible ,
But it is totally impossible for our life pass without wetting our eyes.



I guess I’m the loser,
because he has found someone new,
But I’m still here, still alone
just i am crying for you.



if you are constantly forgiving people…
you are just setting yourself up,
for more disappointment!!



The worst feeling is when someone,
It Makes You Feel Special,
Then suddenly leaves you hangin,
And you have to act like you do not care at all.



No matter how strong a person is to you,
There is always someone who can make you weak .. !!


As hard as it may be,
Everyone you meet established eye contact.
One of the best ways people take you seriously


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