Sathya Sai Baba of Shirdi blessing sms messages

Shirdi Sai baba sms and messages for that person who love sathya sai baba of shardi.Send sai baba sms sms in hindi and english.Read some sms from huge collection of sai baba sms and selcet perfect one.


Getting You as Ours has been a lease of life
Getting You as Ours has taught us to live, not just be alive.


Thank You for accepting us as Yours
Thank You for being Ours.


In Love With YOU Saiyaan… Today and Forever
Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah.


None a breath has value if You don’t live in it.
None a heart beat is valuation life, if Your sign is not intone with it.


May we be bright… just as… u r Baba.
Keep us alive in Your ever glittering blaze Baba.
Baba Mantra which gave us as a gift will be the best and only gift recd in our lifetime.
Thank you and we love you Baba.


Tears and tears of gratitude. No words today.
Just pouring back love and blessings on each of you.
May Baba Jaan take away every pain that bothers you and fill you all up with Bliss.



My Baba… My Sai, join into My Guru…
submission My All, at His Holy mystical Feet.



joyful Guru Poornima My sai baba… My Love.
Happy Guru Poornima My Children.
Happy Guru Poornima My Family and our Sai Family,
Aum Sai Guruve Namah .



In the deep cIam i hear u…
when i  closed my eyes  I see You…
In silence & darkness I can feel  u…
In love  & wholeness I hug u…
In philosophical bliss… I turn into You.
“A House need to Build on strong Foundations if it is to last long time.
The Same ethic practices  to Man,
or else He/she too will drop down into the Soft Ground &
turn into absorb by The World of confusion”
-Sai Baba.


Giving away every moment in Your Seva… in the love of Your Children… has then been the next moooossstttt beautiful blessing that has given meaning to this life my Baba Saiyaan. 🙂



If this day was my last day… if this breath was my last breath… I would come to You deeply fulfilled… complete… happy…. and in gratitude my Baba Saiyaan. 🙂



What more can I ask of You… when You have given Yourself to me in this life… and accepted me as Yours. Is there any greater bliss my Baba Saiyaan? 🙂


In Love with You madly… today and to eternity… here and in the other world my Baba Saiyaan.

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