Lovely and Romantic Love sms in English

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I am the lucky 1 to have such good friends,
immense parents and have a sweetened &
loving admirer alike you. Love you so much.


I have appeared to realize the meaning of life and joy,
just when I met you.
I am lucky to have you. I love you.


Here is only 1 sweetest heart for me.
she is near my heart and in my eyes.
He will be remain close till my ends.
she is my best wisher, my love.


Never run after love, if someone is in love you truly.
You never need to even say “i Love You” and its yours.

My sweetest classified of life is you.
My true friend, my heart beat,
happiest moment and my only good blessing is you.



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just i easly tell that the only thing I want most from life is true love.
True love come from YOU.
The most beloved gift for me is your face with a sweet smile.
cause I know you smile when you feel for me.

You are my  fantasy I see every bedtime.
You are my first feel, I think every morning.
You are my peace of mind what I feel every time.
You are my most prized memory what I can i never  forget.


I hunger to say you that I will hear all your description,
erase your tears, take care of your feelings and I will love you and stay with you whole life.


Here is not even a single night, without a thought of you.
I image of you full day & night,
Monday to Sunday, eyes open to eyes closed and every instant,
I just imagination to have you in my life.


This day is as very special as you are.
I want to say you that there is something extraordinary about you.
When you are here with me I feel happy,
wonderful and lucky.
many Many thanks for presence in my life.


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