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live in love with me and compose my life glory.
You are the only important part of my life.
So don’t even think about take off me alone.U R my True Love.



when I find to the sky full of shinning stars,
only your thought and truelove comes to my mind.



The best thing appear to me in my life is LOVE.
Loving you is my affection and expend my life with you is my fantasy.
Please let my fantasy come natural.



Truly I thirst of  remind each and every point we have spent together.
They are like wonderful and happiest dreams I ever.



In sorrow and sad moments, just remember that I LOVE YOU and you love me a lot.



You are my first think in morning and last think before sleep.
You are my love in life and later life.



My love would never dull or variation even if you forget the agreement.
When you look back I will be there for you full life.


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I love you like words in quite,
like a tone of air, like a songs of lake, like sugariness of cake.



My real fable is that I don’t have a heart any more.
Please check inside yourself, I consider that you have two heart.


Your shoulder is my popular home to cry on.
Your heart is my popular home to live in and your arms are my favorite home to reduction.



I realized it from very past, when I saw your eyes and your cute smiling face, that you are mine and love me a lot.



I wish i could touch your soul and have you in my heart and in my arms. You are a real hero of my love story. Love you very much.



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I have come to know about true love,
the moment I have seen  you.
You made me understand how special the feelings are,
whenever someone is in love. i think i have fallen in  love with you.

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